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Middle east envoy makes new video

Well, with Prudence the Presbyterian in charge despite the shambles (data losses, Northern Rock, terrorism legislation, lack of a sense of humour &c) there are some things we can rest assured he’d never do. Like this:

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What are the possible Labour/Blair/Levy offences?

One thing the media hasn’t really explored is what the police are attempting to establish.  What are the offences that may have been committed by the relevant Labour players here.  The BBC website suggests two statutes are at play: the … Continue reading

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Protect and survive – a Prime Minister’s guide

On behalf of Field Marshall Dr Styre we present a public information broadcast: Protect and Survive: A Prime Minister’s guide A warning may come quite unexpectedly. We will now tell you what to do if a warning sounds when you … Continue reading

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Reid between the lines – Labour in turmoil

Back from holiday to political meltdown. In all the stramash about Tony and Gordon, their arguments, and Charles Clarke’s contribution this morning I noticed that nobody picked up on a Newsnight quote last night.  An unnamed senior cabinet minister was … Continue reading

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