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James Purnell’s modest proposal

Talks are taking place with former Scrapheap challenge winners to come up with a new human powered car to solve the national fuel crisis.  James Purnell has announced today that those on job seekers allowance and incapacity benefit will be … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – the hidden arc

Viewers of the RTD produced Doctor Who are aware that each series he has some common theme for loyal viewers: we’ve had Bad Wolf; we’ve had Torchwood; we’ve had Saxon.  This year regular viewers have been at a loss.  Fortunately … Continue reading

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Doctor Who episode 12, series 4

We know that the title is being kept under wraps because it will give too much away (According to last week’s Radio Times).   Well, I can exclusively reveal that the episode title enhances the meme for the series and revisits … Continue reading

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RTD was right all along

For the naysayers among you, and I know there are some out there, top scientists have today confirmed that RTD was right all along.  Levitation is possible.   A scientist said, “I had often watched top magicians like Paul Daniels, that … Continue reading

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Fan dancing

Following the successful Blue Peter prize winning creation of the Absorbaloff and the acting performance of the small child in Utopia the BBC have decided to reward older fans with opportunities to enter the world of Doctor Who.   I can exclusively … Continue reading

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Torchwood developments

Russell “Television” Davies has confirmed his involvement in series 2 of Torchwood and announced that in a bid to better reflect modern Britain the forthcoming series will have Torchwood policing the new “alien threats register”.  Captain Jack will have overall … Continue reading

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