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Best television of 2007

Happy new year to my regular reader.  Having been in self-imposed exile from the internet and work for the past week and a half I have indulged in watching a number of bad television programmes (Goldenballs is back folks) and … Continue reading

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Brooker on The Verdict

Charlies Brooker was quite generous about it – going against my Brooker intuition. Once I’ve finished with the PhD I’m examining I’ll post on The Verdict, but lest anyone takes my silence as indicating Brooker like approval I should stress that … Continue reading

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The Verdict: The Verdict

Do you want a review of The Verdict?  In a first for this LJ, an interactive element is now added.  I will respond to popular demand.     If successful I may adopt this for other regular features of this LJ – … Continue reading

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Archer rejoices and other miscellaneous items

They’ve found Jeffrey’s missing statues – they must have been behind his monstrous ego – currently available for public consumption in The Verdict.  The police found them because they know everything, and are about to begin a world tour presumably hunting for terrorists … Continue reading

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The verdict on The Verdict

will follow when my children have recovered from chickenpox and I have more time to post. However, for those interested in these things day one is accessible here with full evidence, day two here with full evidence. The show has all … Continue reading

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Crook advises how to be on a jury

I have been sent the following video clip: advice on how to be a jury member by well known perjurer and philanthropist Lord Archer.  Watch as he almost lurches into Swiss Tony.  Edit the clip and send to friends so … Continue reading

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Fake gameshows

ITV1 response to The Verdict String him up (forthcoming, 2007) To demystify the jury process ITV1 have bought the rights to the forthcoming trial of Chris Langham and any subsequent UK based action against Paul Gadd.  The trial will be … Continue reading

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The Verdict: the press release – the members of the celebrity rape jury

My earlier post on the celebrity rape jury programme, The Verdict, has generated some interest mainly asking who the hell are these people?  Fortunately the Beeb have issued a press release for our information.  They identify the jury members as … Continue reading

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