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A review of “The History of the World Backwards” backwards

The HIstory of the World Backwards (Tuesday 10 pm, BBC4) I slowly awoke from my slumbers drifting into ennui.  Rob Newman was on the telly.  It had only been a week since he had appeared on the television, and of … Continue reading

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Ricky Gervais tribute

Under the cut a tribute to Ricky Gervais who died last night.

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The end of Marx-ism

It’s one of those sad coincidences that the obituaries for Dick Vosburgh (who co-scripted Flywheel, Shyster and Flywheel and A NIght in the Ukraine – a Marx brothers parody) and Kitty Carlisle Hart (the leading lady in A Night at … Continue reading

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Joe Pasquale

The other day the wonderful   tao_   (a rather well-known genius of a scriptwriter responsible for the best sketch show of the 1990s as well as the best sitcom and who should be on your F-list if not already)  posted a … Continue reading

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Calling Yorkshire men and women

Would you care to comment on this article from yesterday’s Guardian which asks “Why has Lancashire produced so many successful comedians, while Yorkshire remains in the dumps?”

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The face of comedy

As exclusively revealed by scientists at the University of Stirling – the face of comedy He looks a bit like that bloke that does the telly on GMTV.  He isn’t funny, so something must have gone wrong in the research. … Continue reading

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Overcrowded contortionists

From The Guardian news that contortionists are raising awareness of overcrowding in housing.   Will there be time for one of the contortionists to look up some old friends? ((c) B Cryer – 65BC)

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Joke stolen from Michael Redmond, thinking about Ann Gloag

People often come up to me and say,  “Hey, you!  Get out of my garden.” (see for background and this week)

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List obsessives vote again

Apparently the British public has spoken.  The public has (or rather the contributors to the UK Gold poll have) voted Peter Kay’s line, “Garlic bread, it’s the future, I’ve tasted it” the funniest one-liner of all time… It isn’t.   In third … Continue reading

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Lenny Henry to explore British sense of humour on the telly

Apparently star of Chef and that programme about the headmaster who goes to the school which is a bit rubbish but becomes a bit better by the end, you know – the one that had the big Scottish bloke in … Continue reading

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