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You are home secretary.  How do you deal with the donkeys on the back benches that have taken fright at the handling of the economy and worry about the loss of their seats?  How do you ensure your donkeys vote for an … Continue reading

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Terrorism news

Police detain man in grimsby under Terrorism Act. Did they think there was something fishy? Pauses only to get coat.  Exit pursued by bear.

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Aamer Anwar

A regular figure in the media is Aamer Anwar, a Scottish solicitor who came to fame when representing the family of the late Surjit Chokhar following an unsuccessful prosecution for a racially motivated killing.  Mr Anwar has, since then, regularly … Continue reading

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How to stop terrorism – lesson 1

Field Major Styre wants to introduce a terrorists register modelled on the sex offenders register.   Whenever a terrorist moves into a new area he will have to go the police station and register.  The police will then know where all … Continue reading

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Field Marshall Dr Styre speaks

Field Marshall Dr Styre has addressed the press of Sontar.  In recent years the military might of the Sontaran empire has been stretched by an ongoing war on abstract nouns and shapeshifting Rutans.  The Rutans, whose system of beliefs differ … Continue reading

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A note on terrorism and Alexander Litvinenko

The death of Alexander Litivinenko set me thinking about the recent UK legislation on terrorism, not in terms of the killing of Litvinenko but in relation to his own conduct while in the UK.   Westminster passed the Terrorism Act in 2000.  … Continue reading

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