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A B C – it’s easy to autopsy

Like me many of you were no doubt shaken to the bone by the death of the much-loved popular music entertainer and former head of the British armed forces Sir Mike Jackson. That Jackson could hold down such a difficult … Continue reading

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Anti-rugby league bias – Superstars 1978

Watch the race in this clip from the 1978 Superstars final and tell me who you think the winner is  

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How to create the next greatest Olympian of all time

The success of swimmer Michael Phelps (yes it’s impressive, but how many events with slight variations to his basic starting skills can one man win medals for?) has set me thinking about creating the ultimate multi-medal winning Olympic machine.  After … Continue reading

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Douglas Adams was right again – an occasional series

Remember Lintilla, and the manner in which an injury improved her performance and awareness in the second radio series of the Hitchhiker’s Guide? Compare and contrast with leading golfers in major championships: knee problems; wrist injuries.   For Monty (with his … Continue reading

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Breaking news – “Zey need more of ze punishment, I think.”

Max Mosley has won the FIA vote according to Five Live. So the world of motor racing agrees that this is a private matter – between him, his wife, his children, and the five prostitutes. ETA the updated story will appear … Continue reading

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Snooker news

Who’s the prize clown that’s doing the introductions for the snooker?  After years of the little fat bloke with the curly hair who made guest appearances in the Crucible funnies, accompanying Parrott and Davis, we have a tall guy in … Continue reading

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Crucible Bingo

Enliven your viewing on Freeview channels 301 and 302 by playing Crucible Bingo.  First to complete the set with dates, times, and tables is the winner: “And that’s a bad miss” John Virgo suddenly declaiming “Where’s the cue ball going?” … Continue reading

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Olympic news

Biggest Olympic games in history aims for biggest Olympic flame record.

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Peter Tatchell on the Commonwealth Games

Via Mr Eugenides Peter Tatchell has criticised Nigeria as a prospective home of the Commonwealth Games Mr Tatchell notes (seemingly without irony), “It would be inappropriate for the 2014 Commonwealth Games to be held anywhere in Nigeria, given the country’s serious … Continue reading

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Best political resignation reason ever

Lord Drayson has resigned as a defence minister to try to qualify for Le Mans: “As you know I have a passion for motor racing and over the past year have competed in the British GT championship racing a unique … Continue reading

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Football, eh? Bloody hell.

 On the day that a drunken Fifer  admitted assaulting Sir Alex Ferguson before he’d attacked a policeman (the headline drunken Fifer assaults Fergie conjured up images of Gordon Brown doing something awful to the Duchess of York), Scotland achieved (what was referred … Continue reading

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Spot the difference contest

Can you spot the difference between these pictures and the coverage of the respective stories in the UK media?

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Kelly Sotherton condemns drug cheat

After winning bronze in the Heptathlon Kelly Sotherton condemned the silver medallist as a drug cheat.  After a “we don’t want her sort in the sport” diatribe and a statement that she personally wouldn’t speak to a drug cheat, Sotherton … Continue reading

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Is Tim Henman dead?

You know how it is.  You turn on the radio and people are eulogising “TIger” Tim Henman.  This means one of two things: he’s died suddenly in a bizarre boating or gardening accident; or there’s no news.

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Plucky Briton unfairly treated by officialdom rightfully reinstated in athletics squad.

Plucky yet unfortunately forgetful British runner, Christine Ohurogu has returned from her ban for failing to attend three out of competition drugs tests and been automatically picked for the British athletics team that will compete in the forthcoming world athletics … Continue reading

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Legal recipes – golf, banks and the law

How to bake the perfect court case? Ingredients One senior banker in a multi-national banking companyGolfAllegations of cheating by said banker during a matchplay tournament involving marking his ball in the wroing placeAllegations of similar conduct some years before on … Continue reading

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How to succeed in sport without really trying

Cabrera speaks after his victory in the US Open: “Some players have psychologists, some have sportologists – I smoke.” Given the prohibition on smoking in the workplace in Scotland will Mr C be able to partake during The Open Championship … Continue reading

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UK Olympic medal plans in full

Want a family member to compete in the Olympics?   ARe you between the ages of 16  and 25? Are you tall? Fancy getting to know other tall people rather well? Do you want to make love for your country? If … Continue reading

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Legal and religious and sports news – yes, it’s Donald Findlay QC

One of Scotland’s leading criminal advocates is Donald Findlay QC, former vice chairman of Rangers FC.  Mr Findlay’s Rangers connection and association with some of the sectarian aspects surrounding Rangers FC has led him into trouble previously following his joke … Continue reading

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Brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things.

The latest Stevens report is about to be published.  This time Lord Stevens is examining whether some football managers (or others in football) take bungs.  I can exclusively reveal that the report clears the Duke of Edinburgh of any wrongdoing, … Continue reading

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