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Political news and the celebrity cabinet

The Blair documentary was quite interesting last night.  Tony was obviously a scholar of old Yes Minister episodes.  He bounced Gordon Brown into increasing health spending by making a public commitment on an episode of Frost (like Jim Hacker and … Continue reading

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That bloke with the bike then – what’s that all about?

 I have thus far avoided posting anything about the man with the bike.  The story is reported in various places, some with pictures of the individual attempting to block the camera with an outstretched hand, as if he is about … Continue reading

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Who’s the royal?

My usual injunction busting reliance on the Australian media has failed today.  I have been unable to identify who the mystery coked up sex-starved royal is.  Given the silence speculation is rife.  So, a poll to guess who it is.

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Who should lead the Lib Dems?

The end of Ming was merciless.  Warnings of his demise had been cable-d in advance and now the Ming dynasty is at an end (ed: end Ming puns now – there’ll be plenty in the tabloids tomorrow).  So who should lead … Continue reading

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Who should we nominate for a peerage

As I explained yesterday we ca\n now nominate people for peerages via the helpful site.  To be successful you must comply at the very least with the published criteria which are: the nominee has a record of significant achievement within … Continue reading

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Fancy a peerage?

If you or any of your friends want a peerage you probably think you have to pay flipping great wadges of cash to a politician who’ll grease a few palms and persuade someone that you’re worthy of the place. Not … Continue reading

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Self defence

Jack Straw wishes to reform the law on self defence.  To assist Jack in formulating policy can I present a brief scenario and ask what would you do?

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“After 20 years we are still coming up with new ideas, which is amazing.”

Who is reported today to have said, “After 20 years we are still coming up with new ideas, which is amazing.” ?

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Can you get a gun?

There was a report this morning that nearly one in five men can get their hands on an illegal firearm if they needed to.  Apparently fewer women can get a gun.  So, the can you get a gun? poll.

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Jack off

Jack McConnell has resigned as leader of the Scottish Labour party, having never recovered from being unknown to Patricia who-it? during the Holyrood election campaign. The race to replace him begins here: the likely runners are sister Wendy Alexander – sister … Continue reading

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Turn again young Lembit, be mayor of London

Welsh MP and asteroid obsessive Lembit Opik is being touted as Lib Dem candidate for mayor of London. This follows the Boris intervention. Good to see everyone is taking it seriously. So, for all non-Londoners who would you like to … Continue reading

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Guess who – the defector poll

Earlier today the blogosphere was awash with rumours that another Conservative was going to defect to the Labour party.  Iain Dale set the hare running, Guido Fawkes fingered John Bercow as the likely man (and Dizzy seemed to imply as … Continue reading

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Poll: what will Gordon’s big surprise announcement be?

Those that have followed the career of Prudence the Presbyterian will know that – as well as being the great architect of the new Labour project and so as culpable as the great pretender in his dismantling of old Labour, … Continue reading

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I did not shoot the deputy – but am becoming sorely tempted

The Labour deputy leadership contenders were on Radio 5 Live in a Radio Bloke type gimmick-laden quasi-speed dating feature.  The contenders were questioned by Simon Mayo (typical question: who are your heroes?), a former Labour party member Jed  (typical question: … Continue reading

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Bill Oddie and his top ten birds

Next Monday on BBC4 (yes, BBC4) Bill Oddie’s Top Ten Birds. This is one show judge_death failed to identify in his wonderful Bill Oddie schedule. Which will appear? Is he limiting himself only to domestic birds? What is you favourite … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle

I have received a concerned voicemail message and texts from the Jeremy Kyle show this morning asking that I contact them urgently to discuss “my problem”.  Tempting though this is – as I haven’t phoned the show and was unaware … Continue reading

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Who is the greatest Brittan?

In order to deal with a query by perlmonger      in the comments to one of the previous polls (where was Leon Brittan? ) who is the greatest Brittan? Coming soon, who is the greatest Breton? who is the greatest Britton? … Continue reading

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Fake ITV1 shows

Greatest Brittons 2007  Sponsored by Ryvita Philip Schofield presents this tour around the home and family of his This Morning co-presenter Fern.  The ITV1 audience thrill to spend time in the presence of her close family including father, actor Tony … Continue reading

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Who is the greatest living Briton?

Inspired by ITV1 and their poll yesterday I have consulted widely with a carefully selected panel to draw up a similarly diverse shortlist of nominees to determine who is the greatest living Briton. 

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