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Spartacus poll

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The entertaining Mr Stone (part II)

With due acknowledgement to Mr Eugenides in relation to Michael Stone’s defence ("It was performance art, guv, honest" ) it should be noted that northern Ireland’s performance artists earlier in the year issued a statement on Stone’s defence.  The statement is worth … Continue reading

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Entertaining Mr Stone

So, Michael Stone has been found guilty of trying to murder various MLAs at Stormont some 2 years ago.  As he was wrestled to the ground at the entrance (as captured by TV cameras) he was carrying:   explosive fireworks; flammable … Continue reading

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I didn’t get where I am today by not recognising an unnecessary remake where I see one


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Denmark minimum wage update

Given that criminal proceedings are due to begin in the near future I have avoided posting anything about the Sheridan case.  Before I go into temporary hibernation (only two days to go probably) I thought I should share with you … Continue reading

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Resignation poll

So, this is fun. Now, a poll asking who’ll resign next?

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Classic series

So the Beeb rejoices in a new classic serial, but prompted by surliminal ‘s ennui a poll: What classic should be adapted by the Beeb?

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Stories you may have missed

In the – what? what? what? – stakes the news that they’re going to make a film of Monopoly passed me by – but the Beeb have thankfully linked to it from their big Monopoly story today. So, what other … Continue reading

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Anti-rugby league bias – Superstars 1978

Watch the race in this clip from the 1978 Superstars final and tell me who you think the winner is  

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Olympic poll

The fleeting appearance of a years old portrait of Myra Hindley (previously seen on television, in newspapers, and on display for ears) has outraged the sensibilities of the entire galaxy. In preparing the next Olympic promotional video – and in … Continue reading

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The scientology poll

GIven that moves have been initiated to prosecute a teenager under the Public Order Act for describing scientology as a dangerous cult what’s your view?

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The Apprentice poll

During the Apprentice last night the teams were charged with the task of coming up with greetings cards.  The suggestions were: (A)  Save the planet week – send a card to raise awareness of environmental matters by demanding energy or … Continue reading

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Blogging kills

The Guardian in the G2 section today published a little story suggesting that (the stress of) blogging kills based on some recent untimely deaths.  Sadly the GUardian story is not on-line as far as I can see.  A google search … Continue reading

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Should Bin Laden join UKIP?

After his attack on the EU yesterday the question should Osama bin Laden join UKIP?

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Mills and boon?

So the divorce of the century is ove, give or take an appeal on revealing the judgment.   So my loyal reader what do you think?

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Who is to blame for the forthcoming day of judgment?

The Lords have refused to hear the appeal into the attempted blasphemy prosecution over Jerry Springer the opera.  A tempered and measured response has followed from Christian Voice “It brings down the judgement of God on us all,” said Stephen … Continue reading

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THe who do you tell if you discover you or your partner is pregnant poll

Given today’s sensational evidence that a London shopkeeper was the sole confidante of the pregnancy of a London woman I’d like to ask who is the one person you would confide in if you discovered that you or your partner was … Continue reading

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Which CBeebies star will be arrested next?

 After Mark (from smarteenies) and Milton Wordsworth (the great Danny John Jules, whose performance in Maid Marian is better than anything in the insipid new Robin Hood) who’ll be the next CBeebies presenter to be arrested?  Calls for a poll.

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Northern Rock

What is total potential taxpayer liability in the Northern Rock bail out (without nationalising)? For the answer see Robert Peston here. Better to nationalise Gordon?

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News poll

NOTICE FROM NUMBER 10 DOWNING STREET PRESS OFFICE: The following post has been approved by Number 10 Downing Street and applies our usual policies Given the importance of the big news story about [party political content] and especially after Prudence … Continue reading

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