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Crushed Basil

The dream is over. Basil Marceaux polled only 0.5% of the votes. But nothing quite becomes the man as the manner of his departure

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Is Basil a sage? Or is this the end of thyme?

Like me you’re probably wondering how Basil did last night in the great debate. Luckily it was videotaped giving Americans the greatest visual debating experience since Kennedy-Nixon (or as wonkette described it "It Made Lincoln-Douglas Look Like a Conversation Between … Continue reading

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If there is only one youtube laden blog post you watch the videos on this week make it this.

When the quality of elected US representatives is under question in Scotland – following the increasingly ridiculous extra-curricular demands of US Senators – whose callous disregard for fact, and the sovereignty of other nations is exceeded only by their shameless manipulation of … Continue reading

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Human Rights and Nick Robinson

Before the election the Conservative party campaigned on the basis that they would repeal the Human Rights Act. The implication, from some frontbenchers such as bed and breakfast tsar Chris Grayling, was that they would rip up the European Convention on … Continue reading

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The mysterious case of the 55% solution

"But Holmes," I ejaculated. "The 55% rule hidden in the coalition agreement. Surely it’s the end of democratic accountability as we know it." Holmes turned. "Hah!" he cried. "You see Watson, you see but you do not observe. The hysteria of … Continue reading

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A question for the Conservatives

This is a quickly written squib so forgive me for the lack of full consideration in what follows. The election is close. And in a close election the figures as they stand in the polls suggest that the best the … Continue reading

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I am not a fan of Newsnight Scotland. It means – most nights – that Scottish viewers miss the best bits of Newsnight.  And it is hosted some nights by Rhinestone political correspondent Glen Campbell – a man I like to … Continue reading

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Leadership debate – pie in the Sky

Like many people I sat down to watch the leadership debate on Thursday with low expectations. From the studio that housed Stars in Their Eyes I feared that the ITV gameshow unit would lock each contender in a box filled with … Continue reading

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Digital Economy BIll – they don’t get it to do they

Well, my MP Michael Connarty after explaining that he was concerned about the amount of time being given to the Digital Economy BIll, and concerned about deficiencies in the drafting (pointed out to him) and the implications for various individuals (but declined to … Continue reading

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Man to leave job

Following news yesterday that a man has been offered an extended contract to do his media job it was today announced that another man has decided not to renew his contract and would be leaving his media job in a few months. … Continue reading

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Who knew it would end like this? (see what I’ve done there – phonetically speaking)

I can confirm that following the assertion of Polly Toynbee that anyone is better than Prudence the Presbyterian I – someone – together with my colleagues Mr Whohe and Ms Whoshe (no-ones) have today sent this letter to my comrades … Continue reading

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The general election

The story so far… Here in New Iceland things are set fair for a general election in the coming months. The great leader, Prudence the Presbyterian, having abolished boom and bust decided to reintroduce bust in order to make the … Continue reading

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A big hello to all my readers at Conservative Central Office

So mention Louise Bagshawe in a couple of blog posts and a variety of IP addresses from the Conservative central Office computer system decide to keep an eye on your blog. Well, that’s fine. A big hello to Conservative Central Office. Nice to … Continue reading

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Lockerbie again – twitter and the delights of correspondence with an A list Tory candidate

I promised a post on MacAskill visiting Megrahi. I’ll do that later in the week, using the Official Report of the Parliament but something came up, something that angered and upset me. So to explain. I like twitter. Initially cynical I … Continue reading

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How political systems operate

1.  How feudalism works. A large landowner controls the destiny of everyone within the area.  Their relationship to the landowner determines their economic prospects and the landowner can at whim replace them if appropriate obligations to the landowner are not … Continue reading

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The entertaining Mr Stone (part II)

With due acknowledgement to Mr Eugenides in relation to Michael Stone’s defence ("It was performance art, guv, honest" ) it should be noted that northern Ireland’s performance artists earlier in the year issued a statement on Stone’s defence.  The statement is worth … Continue reading

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Entertaining Mr Stone

So, Michael Stone has been found guilty of trying to murder various MLAs at Stormont some 2 years ago.  As he was wrestled to the ground at the entrance (as captured by TV cameras) he was carrying:   explosive fireworks; flammable … Continue reading

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Cabinet reshuffle news

SINGING: (in dour Fife accent)You came and you gave without takin’But I sent you away, oh Mandy You kissed me and stopped me from shakin’And I need you!

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Short selling and the stock market

So, the market forces that some claim drove HBoS into the hands of Lloyds TSB may not be as potent as the FSA has suspended short-selling from midnight tonight for a limited period. As Vince decreed, lo it has come … Continue reading

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Resignation poll

So, this is fun. Now, a poll asking who’ll resign next?

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