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Olympic poll

The fleeting appearance of a years old portrait of Myra Hindley (previously seen on television, in newspapers, and on display for ears) has outraged the sensibilities of the entire galaxy. In preparing the next Olympic promotional video – and in … Continue reading

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Not you too Bob

Like others I was wondering how London would follow the Beijing Olympics. Today we got part 1 of the answer. Just watch (here if that doesn’t work) open-mouthed, and weep. London’s answer is to be really  really rubbish: cyclists going … Continue reading

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Olympic queries

Are the people who commentate on the sailing (where at least one event seems to be named after a giant panda sent during the diplomatic moves of the 1970s) really best placed to have a laugh at the names of … Continue reading

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Olympic news

Biggest Olympic games in history aims for biggest Olympic flame record.

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