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Obituary news – Rumpole rests his case

"Would I ever do the case down the Bailey?  Would I ever repeat that closing speech to a real Jury, up and dressed in a real Jury box?  I felt sleep drifting over me, dulling my senses and darkening my world.  Should … Continue reading

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Jeff Torrington

I’ve been heavily ied up with work, with little time for newspapers this week, and was saddened to find out this morning that Jeff Torrington died last week.   Torrington was a novelist and short story writer, unusual in some respects – … Continue reading

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Watch out, Beadle’s not about

From next Monday’s news The funeral of TV presenter Jeremy Beadle who died  last week was disrupted by a series of unfortunate events.  The hearse driving Beadle’s coffin to the church was stopped at a set of roadworks and received … Continue reading

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Obituary news


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Bad news for Hillary

Not politics, but obituary news

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Obituary news

So farewell then Verity Lambert – and while, like all Doctor Who fans, her role in bringing the show to air is something that I am grateful for and that has given me and now my children years of pleasure, … Continue reading

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Obituary news

 Ian Smith makes unilateral declaration of independence from life’s empire.

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So farewell then Norman Mailer

Norman Mailer has died.  I’ve not really got on well with his work, aside from The Fight – the tale of the Rumble in the Jungle.  Martin Amis wrote of him, “No one in the history of the written word, … Continue reading

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Obituary news

 Ronnie Hazlehurst: the only man to have played on every episode of Coronation Street is dead.  His record will continue for some time to come. PS His composing style seems – to this untrained ear – to be as follows.   … Continue reading

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Obituary news

? :-O 😦

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Obituary news (again)

You know what they say: things come in threes.  Three cultural behemoths: Mike Reid; Ingmar Bergman; and now Phil Drabble, the man that brought new meaning to the expression “A good shed”.

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St Peter to be given runaround

Mike Reid is dead. The obituaries say he appeared in Doctor Who. Unless he was one of the dancers in Masque of Mandragora I guess that means Dimensions in Time is canon.   Light blue touch paper.  Retire appropriate number of … Continue reading

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Bernard Manning – the line he wouldn’t cross

“To the end, he drew the line at mother-in-law jokes, which he considered disrespectful to older women and toilet humour.  He also disapproved of the television comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo”  from Jonathan Margolis’s obituary of Manning in The Independent today.

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SO farewell then Boris Yeltsin

Sometime orchestra conductor, regular visitor to Ireland (although he didn’t seem to like getting off the plane), drunk, and Russian president Boris Yeltsin is reported to have died. Thus far the obituaries have omitted this story (reported sometime ago by … Continue reading

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So farewell then Magnus Magnusson

I’m afraid that I cannot think of anything funny, based on Magnus Magnusson’s catchphrase, that can be said about his death.  I wonder if anyone in the blogosphere has thought of anything funny to say, based on that catchphrase; or … Continue reading

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