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A good day to bury bad news

Published today – while attention lies elsewhere – the Northern Rock compensation order SI 2008/718 . HIghlights: The schedule para 3 (2) “The amount of compensation payable to a person shall be an amount equal to the value immediately before the … Continue reading

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Northern Rock

What is total potential taxpayer liability in the Northern Rock bail out (without nationalising)? For the answer see Robert Peston here. Better to nationalise Gordon?

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Sch… you know who

 The FT story mentioned here yesterday relating to codename: Blackbird (an anonymous bank being sold with a note that it has received financing from the Bank of England) has been hit by an injunction, the lawyers acting in the removal of … Continue reading

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Project Wing: For sale: one bank (code name: Blackbird)

So, want to buy a bank? The documentation discovered by the FT disguises the name of the bank with the codename Blackbird.  However, the passage “On 9 October 2007, Blackbird announced that it had agreed additional facilities, which enabled it … Continue reading

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Northern Rock promotional literature

I received the following leaflet on Thursday morning with my Northern Rock mortgage statement.

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Where films went wrong – an occasional series – number 94

It’s a wonderful life. What happened? On the day of his wedding George Bailey is due to leave Bedford Falls and sees a rush to the bank and the Bailey Building and Loan.  George returns to his office and explains … Continue reading

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