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The scientology poll

GIven that moves have been initiated to prosecute a teenager under the Public Order Act for describing scientology as a dangerous cult what’s your view?

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The Daily Mail – promoting sibling marriage since 2008

With a hat-tip to guido fawkes a report from the Daily Mail indicating that “The head of the Scottish Labour Party, Wendy Alexander, is married to Cabinet minister Douglas Alexander. “ And I’m sure the author is no relation.

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Tomorrow’s headlines today

Australians wouldn’t give a XXXX for anything else

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HOuse price inflation

Don’t believe all you hear about house prices when you see how much 3 bedroom houses in Dollar are being advertised at. Of course, there’s always the possibility that someone has screwed up.

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I hate everyone I see from human A to human zee

Film 4 has been repeating some of the Planet of the Apes films – including Beneath the planet of the apes (not bad), and Conquest of the planet of the apes (not good).  As we know these films are public … Continue reading

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Stories that don’t live up to the quality suggested by their headlines – number 94

The latest in this occasional series “Stripper’s weapon “not offensive””Your own jokes are actively encouraged. 

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The Daily Mash

If you’re not a regular at the Daily Mash it’s worth subscribing to the RSS feed and keeping an eye on this satirical website.  Following the Gordon Brown u-turn (with more to come?) on the 10p tax band it published … Continue reading

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Further to last week’s baldness is not a disability news a further possible entry for the New Statesman’s This Britain. Some years ago I watched a Hogmanay show produced my Border Television.  Prominent on screen was a man in his 50s who … Continue reading

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Baldness is not a disability – law clarified today

 Every week the New Statesman has a small “This Britain” feature – with little stories which tell us much about where we live. I nominate the following story reported by the BBC under the headline  “Bald teacher loses disabled claim“.    … Continue reading

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Breaking news Diana inquest now to consider religion of Pope and what bears do in the woods. This joke first appeared on this LJ relative to the Stevens Inquiry, having previously been shared between myself and friends some years before that. … Continue reading

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Heathrow Terminal 5

I’m so worried about the baggage retrieval system they’ve got at Heathrow. Fortunately, I have the answer. PS still ill. back to bed

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The land of make-belief?

Why on earth would someone go to court to suppress a judgment. Well, now we know para 16 “I regret to have to say I cannot say the same about the wife’s evidence. Having watched and listened to her give … Continue reading

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Mills and boon?

So the divorce of the century is ove, give or take an appeal on revealing the judgment.   So my loyal reader what do you think?

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Italian court undermines national stereotyping

All is explained here.

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The “did the earth move for you” quiz?

 No, me neither. Anyway, how many of you have heard some Mike Giggler type wit say, “did the earth move for you” this morning

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“I walked about with a time bomb in my throat” – human pelican speaks

Postman Bill Harveythe human pelicanhas a throat that holds more beerthan his belly can. BUt, sadly for him his freak medical condition is not a good defence on a drink-driving charge.

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THe who do you tell if you discover you or your partner is pregnant poll

Given today’s sensational evidence that a London shopkeeper was the sole confidante of the pregnancy of a London woman I’d like to ask who is the one person you would confide in if you discovered that you or your partner was … Continue reading

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“If we’d had our own rocket, I’d have been the first one up there.”

 “i had my name down for the Blue Streak” So, nearly fifty years after Tony Hancock could have been the first one up there the British government is to review British participation in manned space flight.

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Northern Rock

What is total potential taxpayer liability in the Northern Rock bail out (without nationalising)? For the answer see Robert Peston here. Better to nationalise Gordon?

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News news

It is being reported that Karl Rove is going to join Fox News. And I guess that’s as good an excuse as any to put the following back on the LJ

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