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Welcome to new readers

Grettings to my new friends and readers on the Police National Network who seem particularly interested in my post about the KGB man buying the Evening Standard. 

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KGB man buys Evening Standard

Is this news? When I was in London and bought the Evening Standard it wasn’t news.   Admittedly I wasn’t a spy – although I did work for a top secret government funded research body.  There I was struggling to get the … Continue reading

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The entertaining Mr Stone (part II)

With due acknowledgement to Mr Eugenides in relation to Michael Stone’s defence ("It was performance art, guv, honest" ) it should be noted that northern Ireland’s performance artists earlier in the year issued a statement on Stone’s defence.  The statement is worth … Continue reading

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Cabinet reshuffle news

SINGING: (in dour Fife accent)You came and you gave without takin’But I sent you away, oh Mandy You kissed me and stopped me from shakin’And I need you!

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A bit of a dark horse: It’s worse than we thought

When footballers cost tens of millions of pounds the news on Teletext yesterday that "A group of bankers are being asked to consider making a £6m bid to save the Edinburgh-based Bank of Scotland." suggested that perhaps the Bank of … Continue reading

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Financial advertising

Save with the Bank of Scotland – we’re a bit of a dark horse.

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Resignation poll

So, this is fun. Now, a poll asking who’ll resign next?

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And according to the 3 pm news David Cairns has resigned as minister of state at the Scotland Office. Place your bets on Field Marshall Styre ladies and gentlemen..

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World’s greatest golfer ill?

I understand that there are rumours that the world of sport is on the verge of losing one of its great figures.  The first man to hit five holes in one in one round, who played a par 72 course … Continue reading

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Cern update

I don’t want to alarm anyone but I saw a car outside my window heading slowly and inexorably in the general direction of Switzerland…

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Stories that do not live up to the headlines – an occasional series: number 96

Sadly the headline MEP helps to get 20 cows pregnant  is a rather dull story and not the scandal laden resignation issue promised.

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About bloody time (x2)…

Danny Baker to come back to Five Live Barry George not guilty.

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Legal news: Mad Max/Mike/Tim Barnes v News of the Screws

Like many of you I suspect I am often confused by the abbreviations sometimes used in e-mails found in my spam folders.  Thankfully help is at hand.  Eady, J in his judgment in Mosley v News Group handily summarises some of … Continue reading

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Dragan’s den

Serbs often ask me how they can tell if their Serbian human quantum energy manipulator is in fact a genuine human quantum energy expert  and not in fact an alleged war criminal charged with committing genocide. Here is a handy guide. 1.  Does … Continue reading

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Charles Wheeler

I was saddened earlier in the month to learn of the death of Charles Wheeler.  Last night there were various programmes broadcast in tribute, including a couple of powerful documentaries on BBC4.  These follow the Newsnight tribute to him.  Wheeler … Continue reading

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Lily the pink – jack the knife

I am aware that my blog reaches a wide readership of up to two people.  Accordingly, using my influence as a voice of modernity who uses the interweb to keep in close communicative contact with the youth of Britain and  as … Continue reading

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Still ill, still on holiday – but football, eh? Bloody hell

Still ill, but I make radio contact to advise that my home town team has been elected to the Scottish Football League. Well done, Annan.  Thankfully, the confusion among radio presenters who believed it was in Edinburgh (it’s more than … Continue reading

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BBC pronunciation

Someone tell Fiona Bruce (BBC News at 10.19 pm this evening) Kirkcudbright is not pronounced as it is written.  Even Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey manages it in Five Red Herrings.

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Journalistic re-enactments – an occasional series Number 1

In this journalistic re-enactment a journalist recreates a convicted murderer attempting to escape from the court following his conviction and tries to scare us by suggesting that the policeman outside the court might not have caught the racist killer before … Continue reading

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Infuriating talking heads

Will someone please tell the guy from the Criminal Bar Association and the Bar Council on Five Live talking about the decision in R v Davis (that you have not received a fair trial if convicted on the evidence of … Continue reading

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