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Judges as critics II

Yesterday I posted a brief mention of Norris, J’s critique of The Chase as “memorably bad”.  It appears he’s a bit of a closet Doctor Who fan and gives this coded message about Terry Nation’s Pertwee stories: “among the items … Continue reading

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Aamer Anwar

A regular figure in the media is Aamer Anwar, a Scottish solicitor who came to fame when representing the family of the late Surjit Chokhar following an unsuccessful prosecution for a racially motivated killing.  Mr Anwar has, since then, regularly … Continue reading

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Land registration and fraud

Property law lies at the heart of capitalist legal systems.  Where a system is based on facilitating commerce property law provides a mechanism whereby prospective purchasers can determine that the seller of an asset owns the property, and to allow … Continue reading

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Inexplicable statements in news articles – an occasional series

A man has been convicted of simulating sex with a pavement (after some earlier unspecified behaviour) in full view of a female taxi driver.  So what, you may think, this sort of thing goes on all the time in my town.  … Continue reading

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Glasgow car bomb attacks

The people charged with the Glasgow car bomb attacks appear in the Old Bailey today.  Now, I’m no criminal lawyer but how can attacks by Scottish residents, carried out in Scotland be tried in England?  On what basis do the … Continue reading

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letter of the week

The legal community in Scotland has been intrigued by the public debate between the Lord Advocate and Lord Justice General on the question of the prosecution of the World’s End murders (on which see here).  This morning the following contribution … Continue reading

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Craig Murray and Tim Ireland revisited

Just a quick update on this topic I’ve referred to a couple of times previously.  I’m still not aware of Murray’s site being operational but Tim Ireland is currently operating from here and has posted a very interesting timeline on … Continue reading

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Tommy’s Troubles

So, back to the Sheridan case.  The Scottish press is remarkably silent on the case today – only The Daily Record and the Herald giving yesterday’s events any prominence and filling in some of the gaps from yesterday’s Beeb report. … Continue reading

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In touch judge is also TV critic

 A judge has criticised the televisual obscenity that is the Jeremy Kyle show. Alan Berg – speaking at a hearing relating to a headbutting incident that took place on the show involving a man and a bus driver (and lodger) who … Continue reading

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ANother week, another Sheridan story

As matters crank up prior to the December hearing before the Inner House more information has emerged from the Tommy Sheridan case in the Sunday Herald.  Given the timescale the grounds of appeal and other relevant information to argument will … Continue reading

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Judging the judges

I occasionally post about law, and occasionally post about politics.  In Scotland one man that is important in both spheres is Ian Hamilton QC, who has a wordpress blog updated fairly regularly with articles and thoughts from many contributors.  Hamilton … Continue reading

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Legal news

To add to the list of things to remind the first year students not to do in the introductory lectures: Do not fake a judgment, e-mail it from a shop with a CCTv camera taking pictures of you removing your … Continue reading

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Words matter

Compare and contrast the following news reports. At 11.30 am “Jill Dando’s murderer Barry George has been refused bail prior to his appeal” At 1.30 pm “The man convicted of Jill Dando’s murder, Barry George, has been refused bail” The … Continue reading

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Alibi news

Note to self: Remind new students not to give false alibis for dodgy characters in criminal cases.  That will only lead to ruin and the gaol.

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My day in court

Some years ago I was called as a Crown witness in a case involving the man in this article.  When initally questioned by the police I explained that I wasn’t sure if I could identify the individual and if I could was … Continue reading

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Legal news: the ECHR in Iraq

The House of Lords today ruled in the case of Iraqi individuals killed by British forces in Iraq.  The question was whether the European Convention on Human Rights applied through the Human Rights ACt 1998 could apply to acts outwith … Continue reading

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Music and law news

Fans of compelling television programmes may remember a show from three or four years ago concerning the Bucks Fizz/David van Day (offoff Dollar) debacle.  Part of one of these BBC shows that dealt with business intrigue (including the PDC/BDO world … Continue reading

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Stop and question Supervoc and permatan Tommy’s peculiar request

I didn’t post about Mr Tony and Field Major Styre’s latest intended assault on civil liberties yesterday as I’ve only just calmed down.  (Let blue_condition  sum it up).  I’m white and usually in a suit so the proposed new powers won’t … Continue reading

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Legal news

The Scottish Executive under Alex Salmond (for First Minister (TM)) confirmed that Eilish Angiolini has been reappointed as Lord Advocate – the first ever Lord Advocate to be appointed to successive governments of  a different political complexion. The new solicitor general … Continue reading

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Hello and the DOuglases – legal news

The Douglas and Zeta JOnes v Hello case has been decided by the Lords this morning and it looks like there is a majority vote that Hello’s publishing their wedding pictures was a breach of confidence (per Lord Hoffmann, Baroness Hale, (there … Continue reading

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