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When did you last google your father?

Via Mr Eugenides and Cicero and Tim WorstallThe Times reports today that HM government has had an idea – you know the government that wants to introduce  ID Cards with database, to introduce a national children’s database, a national NHS database, and … Continue reading

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Best television of 2007

Happy new year to my regular reader.  Having been in self-imposed exile from the internet and work for the past week and a half I have indulged in watching a number of bad television programmes (Goldenballs is back folks) and … Continue reading

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Fame at last – boarding on the paranoid

My post on Jeremy Kyle last week is referred to in the Brit Blog Round-up, where I am (or my post about Mr Kyle and Mr Hari is) described as “boarding on the paranoid”.   As I am not sure what … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle and his bread and circuses

 My regular reader will know that I have ongoing issues with Jeremy Kyle.  So imagine my surprise to see a picture of the obnoxious individual on the front of today’s Independent next to the headline “Jeremy Kyle is a force … Continue reading

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In touch judge is also TV critic

 A judge has criticised the televisual obscenity that is the Jeremy Kyle show. Alan Berg – speaking at a hearing relating to a headbutting incident that took place on the show involving a man and a bus driver (and lodger) who … Continue reading

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Jeremy Kyle update

I had a further phone call from the offices of TV’s Jeremy Kyle show today.  Apparently I have been bothering them regularly with demands to go on about my sister’s secret drugs shame.  Having advised them (again) that this was … Continue reading

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If you want to call Jeremy Kyle

The number is 07801624891. They are proving very insistent, which given that my mobile number is known to about a dozen folks suggests a wrong number or someone is having a laugh. ETA called via work switchboard and it was … Continue reading

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