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Lord Pooter update

I may be reading too much into Lord Pooter’s latest update on his blog, but is he comparing himself to Homer? (readers can insert own Simpsons related joke here)

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Pootering about

The story so far: Earlier in the year I noted that our hero, Lord Pooter, advises the public that he has just finished the tenth draft of his new novel, which shall remain nameless,  about a man wrongly convicted for a … Continue reading

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Lord Pooter update

My most recent tale of Lord Pooter suggested that he’d finished his new novel, Prisoner of BIrth – the tale of a man (Godfrey Bowman a sandy haired peer of the realm with a blemish free back) unjustly imprisoned because … Continue reading

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How bad would they be if he just handed them over to his editor?

It has been a while since Lord Pooter updated his blog, but today we are given the reason why. Lord Pooter has been working on a new novel, Prisoner of Birth, or the Count of Weston Super Mare, about  “a … Continue reading

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Warning to civilisation: Lord Pooter on Shakespeare

Lord Pooter has discovered that apparently, Shakespeare wrote some plays that might have been lost.  Obviously not a keen reader of the Wells-Taylor Oxford edition (with references to Cardenio, Love’s Labour’s Won &c), nor a viewer of new Doctor Who.  However, the nature … Continue reading

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Caption competition

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Lord Pooter writes

No comment needed on the following from Lord Pooter’s diary on 9th March “I’ve just learned that Macmillan will be printing a third edition of The Gospel According to Judas ten days before publication; however it may not reach the … Continue reading

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Lord Pooter writes…

… and publishes.  A warning to book lovers everywhere Lord Pooter’s new novel, “THe Gospel According to Judas” is out next month.  I’m guessing that old CK Stead will be looking forward to loving reviews in comparison.  To celebrate the … Continue reading

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The Verdict: The Verdict

Do you want a review of The Verdict?  In a first for this LJ, an interactive element is now added.  I will respond to popular demand.     If successful I may adopt this for other regular features of this LJ – … Continue reading

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Archer rejoices and other miscellaneous items

They’ve found Jeffrey’s missing statues – they must have been behind his monstrous ego – currently available for public consumption in The Verdict.  The police found them because they know everything, and are about to begin a world tour presumably hunting for terrorists … Continue reading

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The verdict on The Verdict

will follow when my children have recovered from chickenpox and I have more time to post. However, for those interested in these things day one is accessible here with full evidence, day two here with full evidence. The show has all … Continue reading

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Crook advises how to be on a jury

I have been sent the following video clip: advice on how to be a jury member by well known perjurer and philanthropist Lord Archer.  Watch as he almost lurches into Swiss Tony.  Edit the clip and send to friends so … Continue reading

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Celebrity Big brother – rumoured guests

According to the Orange entertainment pages (which read the tabloids so I don’t have to) the rumoured entrants for the next series of Celebrity Big Brother are the following: Whitney Houston (clearly part of a CIA inspired plot to trap … Continue reading

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Commonplace notes: Lord Pooter writes

From the Diary of a Why the hell is he a Somebody “I began the day with an interview on This Morning, with Phillip Scholfield and Ruth Langsford. They were fascinated by the wonderful pictures by Ronald Searle, and asked … Continue reading

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Diary of a somebody

Has anyone seen those bizarre adverts where Jeffrey “perjurer” Archer is advertising some atrocious looking magazine.  The ad involves Lord Archer (yes, he’s still got the peerage – they kick prisoners out of the Commons, but the Lords better represents … Continue reading

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Michael Crick investigates – Newsnight videos

The Newsnight website has been revamped and contains some clips of great Newsnight moments including a collection of Michael Crick interviews.  It’s all worth watching (5 mins 18 secs worth in total) including the gormless Lib Dem candidate, Ken Clarke, … Continue reading

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Blemish free Archer back

While browsing in a fortunate happenstance – given the ongoing Sheridan case – I have discovered the following delight: Jeffrey Archer’s blog.  Apparently he’s publishing a new book of short stories.  This news is tempered by the good news that Ronald Searle … Continue reading

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my brother Esau is a hairy man, but I am a smooth man

The Tommy Sheridan defamation action continued on its merry way yesterday with Gail Sheridan giving evidence.  Sheridan, maintaining proper propriety referred to her as “Mrs Sheridan” throughout pausing only to wipe a tear away as Mrs Sheridan wept in the … Continue reading

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