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Brown out at the Edinburgh Book Festival

This morning I attended the Edinburgh book festival with a gaggle of children to see the fabulous Steve Cole. Cole is a children’s author with (at least) 4 series running at the moment: Slime Squad (genetically modified monsters who live … Continue reading

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Glowing and floating Gordon Brown watch

Did you see?  He sort of went a bit orangey – but that may have been the atmospherics impacting on my TV reception.   Same time again next week?

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Fan dancing

Following the successful Blue Peter prize winning creation of the Absorbaloff and the acting performance of the small child in Utopia the BBC have decided to reward older fans with opportunities to enter the world of Doctor Who.   I can exclusively … Continue reading

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Uri Geller’s Doctor Who based experiment

I would like everyone reading this (and anyone else you can ask) to think about Gordon Brown on Wednesday at 12.15 precisely to see if we can make him float and glow.  If we can all do this, Gordon will be imbued … Continue reading

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Brown Aid: Share your best joke

After repeating his Olaf Palme and Ronald Reagan joke (first used in 1986) and his story about Hilary Benn believing that Nelson Mandela was talking about Tony Benn not Tony B…………….……lai…….………… Sorry, I lost the will to live typing that … Continue reading

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Hazel Blears – a 3 year old’s analysis

Prior to Mr Tony B’s resignation yesterday the Beeb were interviewing Hazel Blears, the nuLab supervoc.  My son asked, “Is that Tony Blair’s mum?” ETA Prudence the Presbyterian has launched his campaign for leader website with a blog run by … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown’s iron teeth

So Prudence the Presbyterian has had his teeth drilled without any pain relief or aneasthetic.  Fortunately they played the post neo-classical endogenous growth theory speech on a continuous loop, which had the desired soporific effect.  Take that, Paul McKenna.

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You kip while UKIP decide part 2 (and Gordon Brown on AM)

Apparently YOUKIP are announcing their new leader today.  This is as dull as it seems. although come Euro election times YOUKIP have performed surprisingly effectively – assisted by the list based PR system (which assisted the SSP and John Swinburne MSP and the … Continue reading

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Reid between the lines – Labour in turmoil

Back from holiday to political meltdown. In all the stramash about Tony and Gordon, their arguments, and Charles Clarke’s contribution this morning I noticed that nobody picked up on a Newsnight quote last night.  An unnamed senior cabinet minister was … Continue reading

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