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It’s official – the future is orange

The Herald, the Scotsman  and the Record confirm what has been suspected for some time. Tommy Sheridan will be represented by Donald Findlay QC. Gail will be represented by Paul McBride QC (described by the Record as a "former linesman", although fairer to … Continue reading

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Comrade Donald

 Fans love cross-over stuff, or the idea of cross-over stuff:  Daleks and Cybermen; the Macra and cat-people; Abbot and Costello and Frankenstein; Holby City and Casualty; that American law programme that was all serious and that other American law programme … Continue reading

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Legal and religious and sports news – yes, it’s Donald Findlay QC

One of Scotland’s leading criminal advocates is Donald Findlay QC, former vice chairman of Rangers FC.  Mr Findlay’s Rangers connection and association with some of the sectarian aspects surrounding Rangers FC has led him into trouble previously following his joke … Continue reading

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