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How should the BBC save money? – a Doctor Who perspective

The BBC needs to save cash.  As well as underwriting the digital switchover, and paying flipping great wadges of cash to Jonathan Ross and his ilk, the Beeb requires to maintain certain core services – news, drama, comedy, radio &c.  … Continue reading

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RTD was right all along

For the naysayers among you, and I know there are some out there, top scientists have today confirmed that RTD was right all along.  Levitation is possible.   A scientist said, “I had often watched top magicians like Paul Daniels, that … Continue reading

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Doctor Who RADWM

I used to regularly read rec.arts.drwho and the moderated group (before I discovered LJ obviously) and every now and again still have a look.  Among the more bemusing delights are the gnomic utterances of “The Doctor”, a Canadian Arsenal supporter whose … Continue reading

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St Peter to be given runaround

Mike Reid is dead. The obituaries say he appeared in Doctor Who. Unless he was one of the dancers in Masque of Mandragora I guess that means Dimensions in Time is canon.   Light blue touch paper.  Retire appropriate number of … Continue reading

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Doctor Who – the condensed version

Via the Behind the sofa blog Doctor Who – the RTD years (condensed)

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Fan dancing

Following the successful Blue Peter prize winning creation of the Absorbaloff and the acting performance of the small child in Utopia the BBC have decided to reward older fans with opportunities to enter the world of Doctor Who.   I can exclusively … Continue reading

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When you see this, post a quotation from Doctor Who on your Livejournal.

“There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things. Things that act against everything we believe in. They must be fought.”  from The Moonbase

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Uri Geller’s Doctor Who based experiment

I would like everyone reading this (and anyone else you can ask) to think about Gordon Brown on Wednesday at 12.15 precisely to see if we can make him float and glow.  If we can all do this, Gordon will be imbued … Continue reading

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Russell’s big ideas – Last of the Time Lords

A long time ago in a Whoniverse far far away Russell “Television” Davies revealed that the climax of the third new series of Doctor Who was going to something familiar to viewers of science fiction, but not to viewers of … Continue reading

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New Prime Minister pronounces on Euro constitution referendum

  Q. Will Harold Saxon give the British public a referendum on the Euro and the European Union? A. Harold Saxon intends to offer a fresh approach to co-operation between nations. As part of this, he believes that the Euro … Continue reading

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Lawrence Miles on “42”

can be seen briefly here.  By the sounds of things he’d have liked last week’s (reviewed here) better.

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Doctor Who DVD releases

The Key to Time is to be released in September after The Time Warrior, Timelash and Timeflight earlier in the year.  Are they trying to tell us something?

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Daleks in Manhattan – a haiku

Pig men in sewers Last Daleks empire building And now Sec’s on legs In summary,  it wasn’t as good as the Muppets in Manhattan.

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Gridlock review from Lawrence Miles

Via the ever-excellent Behind the Sofa collaborative blog from the Tachyon Tv team the Doctor Who novelist reviews Gridlock

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Doctor Who memery

Via nhw  and peeeeeet I’m including audios and novels Five least favourite stories 1. Warmonger by Uncle Terrance  – Doc 5 is the warmonger in a battle against a renegade Time Lord involving cybermen, sontarans,  draconians and others.  Peri becomes … Continue reading

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How to win fans and influence people – Avon’s calling

The classic series Doctor Who DVD releases for the coming few months have been confirmed by the BBC and in a bid to win over the fans of the new touchy feely series to the old “classic” Who a truly … Continue reading

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Doctor Who news – Life in Magrs

For anyone who missed it in the new DWM.  The great Paul Magrs is writing one of the novels for this year’s autumn releases.  Having given up on the new series novels after the dire batch from last year, this … Continue reading

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Bad television is for life, not just for Christmas

When I were a lad Christmas telly were the best viewing of the year.   They showed big films.  They made new episodes of the great comedies and the stars gave up their holiday evenings simply for our entertainment.  Admittedly, sometimes it … Continue reading

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Breaking news – New Dutch ban hits hard

The new Dutch ban on the burqa has run into trouble with condemnation from the Gods of Ragnarok

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The Doctor Who cabinet continued

Overseas Development: nuzzink in ze vurld can stop me now. Benn fish person

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