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The Apprentice Conspiracy Theorist: You’re Fayed

 So, given that – according to the man the DTI inspectors criticised as a person whose evidence changed regularly in the House of Fraser Holdings plc report – everyone in the world was involved in the untimely death of Dodi, … Continue reading

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Google success

My thanks to fatkraken  who has kindly pointed out that a google search of “Diana tribute inflatable ET Alf” leads directly to this livejournal as the number one entry.  

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Diana – final words

My regular reader will know that I was a huge admirer of The Princess of People’s Hearts.  The people’s Princess may have been the daughter of an Earl but she showed she truly was one of the people by never knowingly passing … Continue reading

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Diana update

She’s still dead. Oh, and the BBC headline “Diana car may have had bump”  made me think Fayed will now probably claim that the car was pregnant.

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Bye bye Dodi or Di bye bye

Missed it the first time round?  Still not convinced that she’s really dead?  Somehow managed to avoid Sir Reginald Dwight and his dirge?  Well, set the Sky Plus box because BBC Parliament is the station for you.  OTT note that … Continue reading

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Radio 5 Live callers on the Diana Concert

“Soulless morons performing for soulless morons in tribute to a soulless moron.” “All this rain is Diana in heaven weeping for the world.  Why can’t we let her rest in peace.”

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