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How to create the next greatest Olympian of all time

The success of swimmer Michael Phelps (yes it’s impressive, but how many events with slight variations to his basic starting skills can one man win medals for?) has set me thinking about creating the ultimate multi-medal winning Olympic machine.  After … Continue reading

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For your consideration – DVD recommendation of the week

Paging ravensthorpe   burkesworks    and  blue_condition  Every now and again a DVD comes along that makes you glad to be alive – that renders criticism superfluous.  Something unique and precious.     Yes, folks – Indoor League Volume One … Continue reading

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Peculiar spammage

Can anyone explain why it is only my posts about darts that have attracted spam relating to various adult sites, and potions? Are the two by any chance related?  Is it the Phil Taylor icon that attracts it? 

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Explaining the financial crisis

No wonder the Bank of England didn’t seem to know what it was doing with u-turns and the like.  They’re not sure which Mervyn King will turn up on any given day.  Will it be the darter or the bowler?

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There’s only one word for this

Magic darts

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Whatever happened to Jocky Wilson?

AFter tthe first six sets of tonight’s BDO final, I thought we were seeing the worst darts final of all time.  Adams, playing adequately was trouncing Nixon, who was failing to put any pressure on at all.  Then after the … Continue reading

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Darts, mon amour

Sport is won and lost in the head.  Darts exemplifies this.  It seems simple.  Standing behind the oche, throwing darts at a board, trying to go down from 501 as quickly as possible – finishing on a double.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Clip show via youtube

The best of Ricky Gervais meets Garry Shandling (contains strong language and hence not worksafe) and for a commentary which reviews the interview see here. Ron Atkinson on Countdown (the thoughts of Chairman Ron on Neil Warnock) – thanks to … Continue reading

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Torchwood episode 13 and world darts

? So, who else wondered why the Chewits monster was rampaging through Cardiff?  I guess it’s finished Barrow in Furness bus depot.  PS All hail the mighty Raymond van Barneveld in the greatest world darts final ever.  Well, bang goes … Continue reading

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The perfect game – power game

In seeking solace I came across the Power at his best courtesy of youtube

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Sycophants of the UK unite

So, Zara Phillips has won the sports personality of the year award.    Well, I hope the public is satisfied.  My children will now go without Christmas.  A satsuma and a chocolate penny.  That’s it for them, now.  It seemed as … Continue reading

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More about Phil Taylor

This evening is the opportunity for fans of BBC Midlands sports personality of the year, Phil “Phil “the power” Taylor” Taylor, world professional darts champion of the world, indeed for anyone who cares about the BBC sports personality of the … Continue reading

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Sports personality of the year redux

The dastardly nature of the English cricketers knows no bounds in their campaign to have Monty Panesar voted sports personality of the year ahead of the obvious choice, Phil “the power” Taylor.  Having attained a successful position minus Monty they … Continue reading

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Power frenzy

He’s done it.  After winning the world professional darts championship of the world for the 746th time darts legend Phil “the power” Taylor will finally get an invite to the BBC sports personality of the year show having been shortlisted … Continue reading

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Sports personality of the year 2006

The final para of this article from the Guardian suggests that cross-channel swimmer and star of Doctor Who parody the Pitch of Fear and Rock Profiles, David Walliams is one of the favourites for Sports Personality of the Year. The … Continue reading

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I got the Power

The failure of British sport this summer led me to think about one area where British sportsmen have regularly triumphed (aside from John Part, Tony David, Raymond van Barneveld).  For me one of the televisual highlights of the year is the BDO … Continue reading

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Sid Waddell – fashion icon

I have long admired the top darts commentator Sid Waddell.   This developed with the heyday of the BDO world darts championship (the late lamented Embassy) on the BBC and was only bolstered by the discover that he wrote Jossy’s Giants … Continue reading

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