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David Blunkett – an apology

 I understand that former Home Secretary David Blunkett is to participate in a new reality television programme.  However, I wish to apologise to Mr Blunkett for the misunderstanding I have caused as a result of the show’s titles.  I told … Continue reading

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Do you have a question for David Blunkett?

If so, the lovely people at Labourhome want to hear from you.  As the great event is a few days off I’ll ponder what to ask. I may have to revive my spurious hotmail account with which I apply … Continue reading

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Blunkett interviewed

The Guardian podcasts are not things I’ve ventured into very often, aside from Banville on his Blunt book and Rankin on Fleshmarket Close (by the way Banville’s new pseudonymous Christine Falls by “Benjamin Black” is pretty good).  However, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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I am the Master and you will obey me

The mad bearded uber-villain denies everything here.  The former prisons chief gives his version here.  A quandary: who to believe? I’m looking forward to Blunkett being Paxo-ed.  Not so much “Did you threaten to overrule him?” as “Did you threaten … Continue reading

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Deranged and sex-starved Blunkett calls for nuclear attack on Stangmoor Prison

David Blunkett is reported to have called for an all out nuclear strike on Stangmoor prison.  Mr Blunkett – once described as a “future prime minister” (by David Blunkett and biographer Stephen Pollard) – claimed that he merely wanted to … Continue reading

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