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Family news

It will be apparent to my regular reader that I have not been posting as regularly in recent weeks.  This has been as a result of family and work circumstances.  I will probably wind down this LJ in the coming month – … Continue reading

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Total Poltics – the Scottish blog directory

The new Total Politics website – published by Iain Dale – has launched,.  It looks like it contains some pretty good stuff, not least a political speeches database.  I’m aware it’s early days – but was a little disappointed by … Continue reading

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Soon after starting on Livejournal some two plus years ago one of my regular readings became Alastair’s Heart Monitor – a blog full of funny, thought provoking stuff, some great music, and football.  I first read the blog as a resultof … Continue reading

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1000th post

Today marks two years since I started posting hre, after an earlier blogging attempt.  Thanks once again to surliminal for introducing me to Livejournal, and thanks particularly to those on my F-list who have entertained me wonderfully over the past … Continue reading

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Blogging kills

The Guardian in the G2 section today published a little story suggesting that (the stress of) blogging kills based on some recent untimely deaths.  Sadly the GUardian story is not on-line as far as I can see.  A google search … Continue reading

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Cyber Nats

Lord (George) Foulkes occasionally lets loose a broadside at what he refers to as cyber Nats – which I take to mean SNP supporters with computers who post comments on websites and news stories, who write blogs supporting the SNP … Continue reading

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Fame at last – boarding on the paranoid

My post on Jeremy Kyle last week is referred to in the Brit Blog Round-up, where I am (or my post about Mr Kyle and Mr Hari is) described as “boarding on the paranoid”.   As I am not sure what … Continue reading

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I’ve redecorated

You won’t like it.

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Craig Murray and Tim Ireland revisited

Just a quick update on this topic I’ve referred to a couple of times previously.  I’m still not aware of Murray’s site being operational but Tim Ireland is currently operating from here and has posted a very interesting timeline on … Continue reading

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Why the blogging minister stopped blogging

Thanks to Douglas Fraser of the Herald for revealing why Mike Russell stopped his blog.  Fraser wrote last Monday, “Mike Russell, the environment minister, has stopped blogging publicly, as his online candour was beginning to clash with his contract of … Continue reading

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Ministerial blogging (with more on Stewart Stevenson)

Climate change minister Stewart “Father Jack (voting is still open on who Stevenson looks like by the way)” Stevenson is not the only blogger in the new ministerial team.  Father Jack’s blog is somewhat turgid – a rehash of Stevenson’s media … Continue reading

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Blemish free Archer back

While browsing in a fortunate happenstance – given the ongoing Sheridan case – I have discovered the following delight: Jeffrey Archer’s blog.  Apparently he’s publishing a new book of short stories.  This news is tempered by the good news that Ronald Searle … Continue reading

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