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There goes January – Sheridan update

Having avoided the most recent series of Big Brother I am afraid that I will have to begin watching again.  Yes, the Tomster is – according to today’s News of the Screws – scheduled to appear in the Celebrity show beginning in January. … Continue reading

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Big Brother 2008 in brief

It was bright day in June and the clocks struck thirteen – marking the start of the Big Brother season.   I didn’t watch it but I guess that there are at least two students, at least one person with breast … Continue reading

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When did you last google your father?

Via Mr Eugenides and Cicero and Tim WorstallThe Times reports today that HM government has had an idea – you know the government that wants to introduce  ID Cards with database, to introduce a national children’s database, a national NHS database, and … Continue reading

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2007 – if there is hope it lies in the proles.

It was a bright cold day in January and the clock struck thirteen.  Anthony Charles Lynton Smith sat in his room and poured some bottled water into a cracked cup.  The room was small, the magenta paint peeling slightly in … Continue reading

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Big Brother – the solution: Big Ron

Enter stage left: Big Ron He can wear glasses like Jermaine He doesn’t stand for nonsense. And he could explain to some contestants how racial slurs can damage all of your media opportunities.

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