About this blog

This blog was set up in 2010 and includes all posts and images (excepting the youtube links) from my now extinct blog previously held at http://loveandgarbage.livejournal.com .

Who the hell are you?

I am a Tv viewing reader who does law stuff.

My role model is Dr Stephen Daker. The blog is named after my favourite novel (Ivan Klima’s Love and Garbage) and I have featured in The New Yorker after starting an internet meme about Martin Amis. I have had tweets feature in The Times, Scotland on Sunday, and the Guardian. Not one of the bastards paid me for the privilege. I am therefore carefully studying copyright law and am preparing invoices.

I have perhaps surprisingly a long-suffering spouse and a veritable plethora of children. They all treat me incredibly seriously.

My favourite animal is the duck billed platypus. My favourite tea is Assam, and my least favourite biscuit is the mysterious pink wafer. My favourite Astrosaur is Iggy Tooth.

I am Ern Malley. But in the modern age of on-line communications we are all, in a way, Ern Malley.



dopey” – Donald Trump

conspiracy theorist” – CNBC

gibberish on a level that I actually can’t even work out the point being made” – Nathan Sinclair offof the twitter

“horribly stupid” and “full on smug” – Citizen Andreas

“Love and Grabage is an anti-sheridan site and it is in their interests to suggest splits in Solidarity or people being ‘replaced’ its part of the nasty campaign” – Jim Monaghan

(After revealing that Andy Coulson would be giving evidence in the Tommy Sheridan perjury case) I was accused of indulging in “the typical Labour smear from the Damian McBride school of dark arts.” – Victor Southern

a “monomaniac fruitcake” someone calling him or herself “Stepney”

“#dontquityourdayjob at least half you name is correct” – someone calling him or herself rosscunnah

“best … described as peripheral” – Ecosseman commenting here at 19.43

“rubbish satire” – awbMaven

“US propaganda” – LauraHuu

“#arrogant” – a man on twitter


almost obsessive” – Scottish Round-up

“not a loon” – the co-creator of TV’s Hippies

this joker” – Daily Mail


“You’re a perfect political candidate with a catchy slogan: “Vote for me and I’ll bore you into submission””: AntoninPribetic

gallimaufrous” – Lallands Peat Worrier

The sound of one hand clapping. Twice.” – former aide to Tony Blair, John McTernan

scone-addled” – from the man that referred to me as “Scotland’s foremost scone-and-law blogger” (which is an ever-widening field)


Brainy” – Vowel and consonant mangler, TV’s Robert Peston

Bruised-liberal” – Habermas obsessive, Pat Kane

witty intellect” – Eastern seaboard of the US decimator, Kay Burley.


irreverent legal blogger” – Judith Townend (I have been advised that it should read “irrelevant legal blogger”)

If you find any others  please give me a shout, otherwise this looks unbalanced.

2 Responses to About

  1. Bill Oakey says:


    You treat me wrong sir. Twas Ron (recently deceased) who upset the wench behind the bar.

    I was as ever a grey man.

    Dmned UNIX coves, can’t be trusted to get it right.

  2. Why is Ivan Klima’s Love and Garbage your favorite novel? Curious now…HAVE to know…

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