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Hastily written topical poem about vilifying matadors

Unlike Papa Hemingway I abhor The bullfighter’s art. In fact I despises Brandished scarlet capes, and blood, and gore But I’m less sure about cats torturing mices. I, for one, vilify the matador Whenever the opportunity arises.

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A statement from acting Labour leader Harriet Harman

Responding to tonight’s opinion poll on the Labour leadership election, acting Labour part leader Harriet Harman released the following statement to waiting reporters. “Oh my God. “All the time, it was… “We finally really did it. “You Maniacs! “You blew … Continue reading

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The Greek leader addresses the nation – a hastily written topical poem

“This tryst with mother Europe’s The best deal I could have got – Poke my eyes out with a sharp stick If it’s not.”

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