The people you MUST follow on twitter (CONCEPT EXCLUSIVE TO ALL NEWSPAPERS)

1.  someone famous. Comedian.

2. someone famous.  broadcaster.

3. someone famous.  Politician who gets staff to write his tweets.

4. someone famous.  Panel show member.

5. someone famous.  Presenter.

6. someone famous.  Radio personality.

7. someone famous.  Journalist who has a book out.

8. someone famous. Actor.

9. someone famous.  Film star, interviewed elsewhere in paper.

10.  someone famous.  Television personality.

11. someone famous.  Rent-a-mouth pundit.

12. someone famous.  Writer.

13. someone famous.  Footballer.

14. someone famous.  Renaissance man.

15. someone famous.  A WOMAN!!!!

16. someone famous. Actor.

17. someone famous. ANOTHER WOMAN!!!!

18. someone famous. Pontiff.

19. someone famous. Politician.

20. mate of the author of the piece who you have never heard of before.

21. someone famous. Comedian.

22. someone famous. Professional controversialist.

23. someone famous. Reality television star.

24. someone famous.  Pop star

25. someone famous. Pop star.

26. someone famous. Pop star.

27. someone famous.  Ageing lothario.

28. someone famous. Radio presenter and novelist.

29. someone famous. Model (AND ANOTHER WOMAN!!!!!!).

30. someone famous. Failed politician.

31. someone famous. Journalist and author, occasionally appearing on Question Time

32. someone famous. Actor.

33. someone famous. Pop star.

34. someone famous. person from the 80s, still alive.

35. someone famous. Celebrity participating in one of those talent shows

36. someone famous. Film star.

37. parody account to show author has sense of humour.

38. someone famous. Soap star.

39. someone famous. Professional misery guts

40. someone famous. Newsreader.

41. someone famous. Helping police with their enquiries.

42. someone famous. Pop star.

43. someone famous. Person famous for being famous.

44. another mate of the author. Even googling doesn’t help.

45. someone famous. Religious leader.

46. someone famous. Professional British idiot, now living in US.

47. someone famous. Journalist.

48. someone famous. Egotist.

49. someone famous. Pop star.

50. someone famous. Footballer.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to The people you MUST follow on twitter (CONCEPT EXCLUSIVE TO ALL NEWSPAPERS)

  1. iamamro says:

    No wonder … I’ve been doing twitter all wrong for all these years.

  2. korhomme says:

    51 A mattress actress. For an alternative viewpoint on life and all that.

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