EXCLUSIVE: List of top pseudonymous tweeters with usernames taken from Czech novels revealed

The newspapers have today filled literally space with the controversial list of the top pseudonymous tweeters taking their user names from Czech novels. I am delighted to reveal, exclusively for my readers, the leading tweeters.

1. @bookoflaughterandforgetting – using the avatar of a hat, a subtle allusion to a tale in Kundera’s work, this pseudonymous blogger is not a member of a boy band and does not tweet to teenage girls.

2. @The_Castle – this tweeter is not a television personality and does not tweet about things in the news and his latest programme.

3. @themournfuldemeanouroflieutenantboruvka – A controversial addition to the list as Skvorecky’s work is a collection of short stories rather than a novel this tweeter is not a stand up comedian and has not written any articles about engagement with the political process.

4. @warwiththenewts – as the name suggests the pseudonym for someone who does not present a daytime television programme with his wife.  Tweets here are mainly about the novel he is not writing.

5. @closelyobservedtrains – is not a journalist at a leading British newspaper. He does not mainly tweet pictures of hats.

6. @thegoodsoldierŠvejk – is not a businessman and does not tweet about holidays he has taken.  He also does not tweet insults to those who reply to him on twitter.

7.  @theengineerofhumansouls – is not a solo pop artist and has not used twitter to send a series of tweets responding to adverse media stories.

8. @judgeontrial – is not a reality television show star and does not tweet badly spelled missives about her life in beauty salons.

9. @PragueIseeacity – is not the host of a panel show and does not have a widely read column on technological developments.

10. @longthickandsharpsighted – is not the Scottish political editor of a publicly funded television station and has tweeted. once.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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