Is it wet and windy outside? THE OFFICIAL LIVE-BLOG

28th October

9.26 am A lone twig is blowing along the road.  It is pursued by a man with glasses. It may be his only friend.

9.12 am My hair was gently tousled by the wind, like an overfamiliar uncle visiting you on the 27th December with some presents he’s picked up at a 24 hour shop at a garage.

8.44 am  A light drizzle outside.  I am about to step out of the door.  I may be some time.

8.29 am  Following the travel advice on the telly and staying in my home.  Seems reasonable enough here though. And the trains are running. But still. Must avoid unnecessarily acting sensibly.

8.22 am Quite nice. Light. The leaves are swaying gently, like the hem of a dress from an inept celebrity dancer on Strictly.

8.02 am Nope.

7.25 am Neither wet, nor windy.

6.34 am Seems fine enough.

27th October

11.15 pm Oh, it’s stopped.

11.14 pm The rain. God. The rain. The interminable pattering of the rain on the window.

10.36 pm The puddles on the ground reflect the orange glow of the street lights. The reflections are pockmarked with raindrops.

10.31 pm Sorry about that.  Was a mistake.  But it is wet.

10.29 pm Oh my god it’s horrendous out there.  There are animals swimming down the street. Run. Run for your lives.

10.22 pm – Wet. The rain is leaving trails on the window.  The sort of thing that footballers would bet on to see which drop reached the bottom first.

9.48 pm – Hard to tell. It’s dark.

9.25 pm – It’s nearly November , what do you sodding expect?

9.15 pm – Yep.

9.10 pm – Yes. yes it is.

9.05 pm – This live-blog has been set up to consider the “imperfect storm” – the major weather event (comprising weather) affecting the south of the UK (or England and Wales as some call it). Being based in Scotland’s central Scotland I am not anticipating being hugely affected by the weather, but have noted that there is weather outside just now, even though it is dark! Fancy that! Weather! So, I will address the important question: is it wet and windy outside? To answer this I have peeked through a curtain. I intend to repeat this action at various points through the evening. I trust that this live-blog will make up for the dearth of live-blogs from newspaper websites who are usually quick to live-blog the slightest thing: some crap on the telly; a man walking down a street; all that sort of stuff. Anyway, as I peek out of the window I note that it is wet and windy outside.


About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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