LIVE BLOG: Paxman beard

22:38 So he’s got a beard. Well whoop de doo. He had it yesterday too. Now can the newspapers and the columnists detailed below bloody well grow up.

22:32 he’s still bearded. And he’s wittering on about Up. When he didn’t have a beard he used to reference classic novelists.

21:46 Paxman beard may be Schrodinger like at the moment. Both there and not there until observed. We await Newsnight with interest.(*)

21:40 I have been off growing a beard. Meanwhile the Telegraph has another beard story. Here’s John Walsh in the Independent. Another piece in the Evening Standard. And here’s the Mail. It is a typically understated piece.

19:07 Paxman has a beard and yet the media remains resolutely silent. Why this conspiracy must end: full feature coming soon.


19:04 beards la di dah beards

19:02 here is The Guardian on Paxman’s beard: once; twice; three times; and a poll.

18:54 I’d have been more interested if Jeremy Paxman had a new bear.

18:45 Here is the BBC on the beard; and the Telegraph; and the Mirror (twice) (no, sorry, three bloody times); the Evening Standard; the Belfast Telegraph; the Independent; GQ; &c. To which one can only say, “get a sodding life.”

18:42 here is one of the really funny tweets from one of those Paxman beard accounts:

18:37 here are the parody accounts: Paxman beard; Paxobeard; Paxman’s beard;
and Paxman’s Face Fuzz. They are all rubbish.

18:36 Jeremy Paxman’s beard does not have an amusing twitter parody account. There are though a number of twitter parody accounts about his beard.

18:31 Dan Hodges, blogger and columnist, has not told this live-blog, “Jeremy Paxman’s beard sends a clear message of rejection to clean-shaven Ed Miliband. There can be no more damning condemnation of the leadership of the Labour party than for the presenter of the leading University based quiz show to wear facial hair. Miliband must go.”

18:27 As far as sources close to loveandgarbage understand from their sources (ie watching the television and reading websites) Jeremy Paxman probably still has a beard at the moment.

18:26 It is believed that Jeremy Paxman’s beard uses real hair grown from his actual face. Who’d have thunk it?

18:25 Jeremy Paxman has a beard. There you go, eh? Who has ever heard of such a thing?

18:24 Before the Guardian start their one given their obsession with writing articles about Paxman’s beard on their website (three at last count and still rising) I thought I should begin a live-blog about Jeremy Paxman’s beard providing you with all the news about the beard.

(* we don’t)


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to LIVE BLOG: Paxman beard

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  2. mlawactually says:

    I actually think Paxmax looks *better* with a beard. Better as in slightly less offensive. 😉

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