Loveandgarbage readers! Help me profile the man behind the smile.

Loveandgarbage has had a busy year. A few months ago – backed up by a team of top loveandgarbage reporters – he published a series of blogposts now widely known as “that bloody rubbish about scones and pasties” and the controversial “Moffat must go” Doctor Who posts that directly led to the resignation of Doctor Who’s Doctor Who.

On Sunday, the whistleblower who leaked loveandgarbage’s secret joke (the one about cutting and pasting newspaper stories and changing a few words while purporting to be doing the satire) to the wider populace, revealed himself as a scone eater who pronounced scone as scone not scone in an exclusive interview in a bus shelter with an old lady waiting for a parcel to come off the bus in Ecclefechan.

Loveandgarbage has since been at the centre of many media reports – including a controversial tweet suggesting he was dopey written by Donald Trump.

You, his readers, knew him long before he was in the international spotlight.

Since 2005, loveandgarbage has written about scones and other baked goods, fake game shows, and sarcastically commented on things in the news. You’ve communicated with him by shouting or semaphore. You’ve sparred in a boxing ring wondering if that masked man wearing the headguard really was the loveandgarbage you had come to view as “someone you’d blocked” on the twitter.

Maybe you’ve known him since his salon days, as he organised a coffee morning for a collection of French philosophers to comment on the work of Laclos.

Or perhaps you’re an old-timer, and can quickly volunteer the name of the blog loveandgarbage set up in 2005 when he was still mainly writing about Doctor Who and bad television.

As people from around the globe try to tell loveandgarbage’s story, we’re asking you, his faithful reader, to weigh in. Your responses to the questions below will be used to build a profile of loveandgarbage on this blog. We’re asking you to respond very briefly to our questions so make sure to choose your words carefully, and avoid any extraneous punctuation marks!!

Stay tuned for the final feature, which will be up this week.

Part I: tell me a little about yourself

We’d like to be able to generally describe loveandgarbage’s readership
What is your profession?
(Please use the comment box below)

Part II: tell me about loveandgarbage (please use comments below)

Your favorite adjective to describe loveandgarbage’s work (please use the comment box below)
Your favorite adjective to describe loveandgarbage’s personality (please use the comment box below)
In one word, tell us what you think about scones using the comment box below
If someone interviewed you about loveandgarbage and his work, what would you say, after the initial shock of someone actually asking you what you thought about loveandgarbage’s work obviously?

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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