Moffat must go #doctorwho

Like many Dr Who fans I am reeling under the news that Matt Smith, Doctor Who in television’s Dr Who, has had a haircut thus rendering him incapable of performing as Doctor Who in the immediate future – unless there is some explanation as to why his hair has been cut written into one of the episodes possibly by Steven Moffatt.

This is a disgrace.

Last year Stephen Mofatt promised that Dr Who would take over the airwaves. The news about Matt simply says that it’s more hair waves we have to worry about. We have only had 6 episodes so far this year with 2 to come, and then 2 more later in the year probably. And one of those was that one with the singing and it was rubbish. With so-called leading actors who are now past it, like Diana “her offof Game of Thrones” Rigg and John “Caligula” Hurt, filling the guest star roles it is clear that under Moffit Dr Who has well and truly jumped the Fonz. This is not on. In its anniversary year Dr Who should be featured at the BAFTAs and have an anniversary show, and documentaries about it. Without those it is clear that Stefan Moffitt has lost his touch and MUST GO.

Look at the evidence:

Dr Who used to have adverts for it. Now it doesn’t have so many adverts. FACT!

Dr Who used to be on the television at different times from what it is on now. But now it isn’t. FACT!

Dr Who never used to be run by Steven Moffatt when UKIP did badly in elections. Now UKIP does well in elections and it is run by Stephen Moffatt. AND WITH SPLIT SEASONS. FACT.

Dr Who was put on hiatus for a while in the 1980s when it wasn’t working so well because the production team and senior people at the BBC didn’t like it very much. And just LOOK what is happening now.  FACT

This is not acceptable.

Dr WHo should be on all the year – while ensuring that we don’t waste regenerations due to the burn-out of actors and in order to comply with a line from The Deathly Assassin, backed up in Mordred Undead and that one with the Pertwee logo that doesn’t count, because once we reach twelve regenerations then that’s it all over – especially when we know that that bloke that played the guy who valued the clock Del Boy found in Only Fools and Horses has already wasted one of the late regenerations.


Inconvertible proof that Mofatt MUST GO.

The hair cut is the final straw. Moffat has taken his eye off Dr Who by concentrating on another show about Sherlock HOlmes. Working on two shows at once by Moffatt and by the actors shows they NO LONGER CARE for Dr Who and MUST GO – apart from MAtt who MUST STAY so that we don’t waste a regeneration.

Please sign my petition.

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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3 Responses to Moffat must go #doctorwho

  1. outraged handkerchief supplier says:

    You are right, it is a disgrace, where are all the morris dancers?!?

  2. Being in Australia I’m not up with the latest news, but I wouldn’t assume the twelve regeneration limit applies in the new series, continuity with the classic series having never been among its priorities.

  3. Aspadistra Pronk says:

    The Celtic contingent DEMANDS highland dancers. One of the dancers should turn out to be the great-great-great…grandson of Jamie McCrimmon.

    Get Frazer Hines to do it: he’s in good nick for his age. He just needs some Grecian 2000.

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