Dead person still dead – a Newsnight special

PAXMAN: Welcome to blah blah blah here for bloody hours blah blah blah in case you’d somehow missed the news earlier blah blah blah yep dead blah blah blah as a coffin nail blah blah blah absolutely dead blah blah blah and despite seemingly interminable coverage throughout the blah blah blah much to my surprise is still dead blah blah blah done to death earlier in the blah blah blah bloody editor demanded blah blah blah pontificating for sodding hours blah blah blah rolling news eh? blah blah blah

[montage of clips dead person footage of hotel, bod putting up shutters, party conferences, standing in streets, standing in parliament, wearing silly hats, looking out of a tank, covering up a painted aeroplance, next to another dead person, in parliament again, picture of milk bottle, parliament again, police in riot gear, man wearing miners helmet looking sad, car in the desert, quick clip of bald man from Guess Who, parliament, flag lowered, crying in car driving off, Saturday superstore pop panel, parliament again, some stuff about other stuff, Europeans, Americans, holding up fingers to show dead person can count to three, gargoyle waving microphone at dead person outside building, usual form]

VOICEOVER: blah blah blah controversial and divisive blah blah blah but still dead blab blah blah first blah blah blah chemist blah blah blah Mr Whippy blah blah blah stroke blah blah blah other one couldn’t reach blah blah blah if you’re blue and blah blah blah putting on The Ritz blah blah pronounced “scone” blah blah blah Meryl blah blah blah versus Kramer blah blah blah millk sna blah blah

DEAD PERSON (accompanying montage of clips): blah blah discord may we bring blah blah blah you turn if you blah blah blah we are a blah blah blah rejoice blah blah blah you could do a movement to it but there’s no melody and no heartache blah blah blah frit blah blah blah I’m enjoying this blah blah blah fight on we fight to blah blah blah

PAXMAN: blah blah blah man in a suit blah blah blah another man in a suit blah blah blah

MAN IN A SUIT: blah blah blah patriot blah blah blah Falklands blah blah blah best thing that ever blah blah blah Labour dominated blah blah blah saved this blah blah blah pride in nation blah blah blah

PAXMAN: blah blah blah and another man in a blah blah?

ANOTHER MAN IN A SUIT: blah blah blah destroyed manufacturing blah blah blah politicised police blah blah blah lucky in blah blah Galtieri blah blah blah Scargill blah blah blah Foot blah blah blah blah Kinnock blah blah blah

PAXMAN: blah blah blah another bloody week and bit of this blah blah blah over-egging blah blah blah viewers want other new blah blah blah

VOICEOVER: blah blah blah finest Margaret Thatcher related commentary blah blah blah

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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