Pollard inquiry transcripts

Pollard: ooh Mr Paxman can you help me be a yellowcoat? Miss Cathcart won’t let me be a yellowcoat.

Paxman: [redacted] ITN [redacted] standards [redacted] everyone knew [redacted] nonce sense [redacted] the autumn. What did they expect? [redacted] No conferring. [redacted] THERE WILL BE NO CONFERRING. [redacted] Val McDermid book [redacted] IRvine Welsh story [redacted] whole bloody country [redacted]

Pollard: Hi-de-hi

Paxman: Ho-[redacted]-ho

Pollard: I’ll do it Mr Fairbrother. Will it help me be a yellowcoat?

Paxman; [redacted] couldn’t run [redacted] sodding brewery [redacted] Liddle [redacted] bloody Gillligan screwed [redacted] afterwards [redacted] Hutton [redacted] petrified [redacted] shadows.

Pollard: We’re starting together. We’re taking a chance on what we feel.

Paxman: George [redacted] better with Harrison Birtwistle to be honest [redacted] carry on like this we might as well [redacted][ Martyn bloody [redacted] and his good [redacted] agenda

Pollard: We’re starting together. because we believe our love is real.

Paxman: Newsnight is a place for proper investigations not [redacted]. I mean [redacted] idiot [redacted] bloody pasties [redcated] for half an hour [reacted] pasties! [redacted] and over [redacted] pasty pasty pasty [redacted] matters worse [redacted] sodding jerry-cans [redacted] a whole episode [redacted] expecte people [redacted] take seriously? I mean [redacted]

Pollard: We’ll promise to have and to hold from this day on until we’re frail and old there’s no chance of breaking

Paxman: [redacted]

Pollard: Hi de Hi

Paxman ho – de-[redacted] -ho

About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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