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Pollard inquiry transcripts

Pollard: ooh Mr Paxman can you help me be a yellowcoat? Miss Cathcart won’t let me be a yellowcoat. Paxman: [redacted] ITN [redacted] standards [redacted] everyone knew [redacted] nonce sense [redacted] the autumn. What did they expect? [redacted] No conferring. [redacted] THERE WILL … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE : first draft of Vicky Pryce trial jury questions

1. Can we rely on the readings of chicken entrails by the juror who sacrificed a chicken on the third day of deliberations? 2. If we believe that the accused had an identical twin who is wholly evil and may … Continue reading

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Police fear for safety of politicians as too many have crowded on bandwagon

Police today issued a warning to politicians that so many have climbed aboard the “React to Hilary Mantel’s five and a half thousand word lecture delivered two weeks ago that has only just been splashed in the media after being printed in … Continue reading

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