ubbish.Hogmanay live-blog

21:33 [copying files from an external hard drive to a desktop]

21:19 but it’s rubbish.

21:18 Contemplating Scottish television. Saying nothing.

21:00 Three hours then.

20:57 He left a set of vacuum cleaners around his garden pond. Like some art installation.

20:55 I knew someone that once confused vacuum cleaning goblins with gnomes.

20:54 Bloody goblins.

20:51 [yawns]

20:48 36 seconds in  

20:44 Whenever I am reminded of new year I remember Mr Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life.

20:43 Had a quick look at Borges’ Book of imaginary beings. Not a peep about goblins resembling small vacuum cleaners.

20:42 And goblins really have a long thin tail with a three point plug and a big windy trunk of a nose.

20:41 Unless the mythical representation of the goblin as some little scamp of a bod is misleading.

20:40 They don’t look like goblins.

20:39 Why did they call those little vacuum cleaners goblins?

20:37 We’re into dire panel shows already on the telly. Hellish. Even with folk I like on them.

20:27 Can’t be bothered now either. I don’t need an excuse to eat shortbread and would rather have good stuff on telly, as opposed to mawkish maudlin retrospectives and forced conviviality and bonhomie among bad telly newsreaders and their pretend friends.

20:26 I didn’t even care about New Year before kids came along. Used to go to bed early. Always seemed a waste of time.

20:25 Was gazing into space thinking about pasties there. Lost track of time.

20:15 I miss the pasty news.

20:13 Fiscal cliff. Fiscal Cliff Lazarenko. Fiscal Cliff Richard. Fiscal Cliff Barnes. White Fiscal Cliffs of Dover. Bernie “fiscal” Clif(f)ton.

20:12 blah blah blah eight. [yawns]

20:09 eh. what? Where was I? dozed off for a moment. Telly was so good. Even better to come.

19:56 Four minutes to eight. Well. there you go, eh?

19:53 Seven minutes to eight. Stunning.

19:51 It’s nine minutes to eight. Only another four hours and nine minutes until 2013.

19:50 It’s ten to eight. Only another four hours and ten minutes until 2013. Unless you’re somewhere in a different time zone obviously. In which case it might be 2013 already. Or not for five and a bit hours. Or more.

19:49 Following the example of The Guardian, who – having given up on weather based live-blogs – randomly choose to measure the passage of time now here is the live-blog you have been waiting for: the loveandgarbage special Hogmanay live-blog in which I will give you a regular update on the countdown to 2013.


About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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