Transcript of all news programmes

Good afternoon and here is the Savile. Jimmy Savile. Savile. Savile. new allegations. Well known celebrities. Savile. Household name. Government. Savile. BBC. savile. If you have children you may wish to turn down for a few moments. Savile. So vile. Ring. BBC. Hospitals. Broadmoor. Heart of government. Number 10. Savile. BBC. Savile. Official spokesman. BBC. Radio One. caravan. Savile. Vile.  Savile. BBC. NHS. Hospitals. Prisons. Spare room. Key. Savile. Savile. Allegations. Pulled programmes. Editorial Savile. Vile decisions. So vile Savile. Jimmy Fixed It. Fixed the BBC. Vile. So vile. Stepped aside. Media storm. Went around five newspapers. Savile. None interested. ITV documentary. PAnorama. Newsnight. Savile. Running. Shell suit. Savile. Piers Morgan never met. Savile. So vile. Piers Morgan did meet. Oops. Forgotten. Savile. Newspapers. Photos. Savile. Radio One. Gambaccini. Office next door. never there. We all knew. Everyone knew. Savile. Did nothing. No reports. Not complain. Savile. So vile. What could we do? Savile. Media storm. Story dropped. Heard the stories. We all heard the stories. Everyone knew. Savile. Now then now then. Savile. Fixed. As it happens. Fixed it. Jim Fixed It. CPS. Investigations dropped. Savile. Director General. Savile. Editor of Newsnight. New York Times. Savile. Media circus. Resign. Step aside. All go. Savile. BBC. Savile. Number 10 spokesman.

And in other news we look at the three hundred complaints from people who were frightened, who are still frightened, who weren’t believed, who want to be heard, but let’s not let that take attention away from the main story. How this impacts on the media and the people in the media hawking their stories about the Jimmy they knew and their inexplicable inaction around the studios.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to Transcript of all news programmes

  1. Coming up: a special report into parodies of the news agenda. Why are they parodying us? An in-depth report into our own coverage and viewers reactions to it to determine just what we should be reporting about ourselves. And now the weather.

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  3. Reporter says:

    Esther unfuckingfriends Jimmy. Breaking, windy outside in some places.

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