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Gambaccini strikes again – police call for vigilance

British police have today joined forces with officers in the United States investigating the untimely death of Andy Williams, the popular singing star. Williams, who like many other great musical figures has not made it past his mid-eighties and has … Continue reading

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A political apology

I’d like to take this opportunity to put a few things straight. When I meet people around the country, it’s obvious that many of you have strong – and pretty mixed – reactions to my specially rehearsed very sad face, and … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: topless photo of Duchess of Cambridge

It’s the picture none of the British press will touch. But I will disregard the media pussyfooting and – after the publication by Swedes, Danes, Italians, and the like – have decided to publish on a blog written by a British bod … Continue reading

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Asylum of the Mark Three Travel Machines – review

The set-up, where the mark Three Travel Machines were wanted on suspicion of doing bad things to Movellans and so fled before questioning could be completed, was a little strained to me. The Mark Three Travel Machines then hiding on Earth when … Continue reading

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