George Galloway still not columnist for Love and Garbage blog: a statement from the editor

George Galloway is not a columnist for Love and Garbage blog and the reasons for that, I would have thought, are fairly obvious. Galloway has always courted controversy and while I have not always agreed with some of his views, I have admired him for getting extra hits for my blog whenever I mention him in the title to a blog post which appears on twitter. I had always felt that in an increasingly bland and corporate world of blogs and magazines, his name added some readers and was often an effective means of getting readers, whatever side of the establishment we are on. If nothing else, the use of his name in a blog title or on twitter posts related to my blog provoked people to read my blog – even when the post had nothing to do with him – which is healthy when you are trying to sneak some satirical stuff about scones past the wider public. However, his recent bad publicity has left me, frankly gobsmacked and in a very tricky position. How could I have known that a controversialist would say and do something so stupid that it might reflect badly on me. There was no sign or indication in his past conduct that indicated that anything like that could ever happen. There is no excuse, ever, for a poor blog that bandies around George Galloway’s name for reasons of publicity being badly affected by bad publicity because it is being identified as having something to do with a man that has become a pariah. I had hoped he might have taken the last 24 hours to reflect on his judgement and perhaps make some kind of utterance about something else – scones, or Rangers, or that time he pretended to be a cat with Rula Lenska, in fact anything that would have justified us at Love and Garbage in maintaining the publicity based bargain we had entered into all those minutes ago – but that has not been apparent, far from it. In fact some people have pointed out that his name appears in my blog occasionally and the publicity might now prove damaging to this blog, despite my having courted publicity in the first place by mentioning his name in blog posts in order to encourage readership. So, it is with some very genuine regret that I have asked him to no longer to let his name appear in my blog, apart from the times when I need to mention his name in order to get more people to read my blog. In the meantime I salute his courage and indefatigability, and the courage and indefatigability of all in publishing forced to confront these difficult issues.

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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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