Duchy of Grand Fenwick turns down Asylum Application from Ecuadorian Ambassador

In a statement issued on behalf of Duchess Gloriana XII, Glorious Leader of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick the Duchy of Grand Fenwick has today confirmed that it has turned down an application for asylum made by the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Duchess of Grand Fenwick giving careful consideration to the request for asylum

The ambassador, who turned up unannounced at the small two bedroomed flat in London’s central London occupied as an embassy by the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, had complained that since arriving in the Ecuadorian embassy (and sometime Celebrity Big Asylum Seeker’s House) recently celebrity asylum seeker and David Gower impersonator Julian Assange had spent all of his time lying around trying to persuade embassy staff to watch the best of his interview series on Russia Today, while telling them about that time he had a row with the angry bloke at The Guardian.


As signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights the Duchy of Grand Fenwick does recognise that being forced to watch the interview technique of Mr Assange on a loop may – if at the hands of a state – be cruel and inhuman treatment, but frankly allowing the Gower impersonator to evade Swedish justice and attempt to escape a properly served European Arrest Warrant the Duchess declared that Mr Ambassador had rather brought it on himself.

The Duchy has therefore requested that the Ecuadorian ambassador leave the premises and try the embassy of the Duchy of Strackenz next door.

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5 Responses to Duchy of Grand Fenwick turns down Asylum Application from Ecuadorian Ambassador

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  2. bigrab says:

    It’s just not cricket…….

  3. Ben says:

    Julian Assange is not an impersonator of David Gower and those that claim otherwise are imperialist stooges. Everyone knows that he is an impersonator of Mr Humphries:


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  5. Mary says:

    How on earth could the Grand Duchess come to such a decision, without Bobo at her side?

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