BREAKING: Bletchley Park set task of breaking ministerial code

The corpse of the late Alan Turing has been reanimated to perform a special exercise at Bletchley Park following concerns from the public that the ministerial code is unbreakable after the Prime Minister’s response to the Leveson inquiry evidence of Jeremy Hunt.

A casual viewer of the Leveson hearing said,  “It seems that despite a minister sending personal texts to the person whose case he was deciding (when he was advised by lawyers not to have any communications with him), deliberately ensuring that he had unminuted phone calls with that person and his employees (when he had been advised by lawyers not have any meetings him), using a private email account to avoid any public accountability under freedom of information, and admitting that he was responsible for a department and directly responsible for a special adviser that had a thousand back channel communications (including early provision of documents) with the party in the case the minister was deciding such that any decision the minister and his department could have reached would have been struck down as unlawful in a judicial review action given the appearance of bias in the minister and his department’s dealings with News Corp, that this isn’t enough to break the ministerial code.

“Goddamn it this code is unbreakable.”

In response to the concerns, the corpse of late code-breaker Alan Turing has been reanimated together with an enigmatic Prime Minister machine to determine if the code can be broken.

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