Penguins and politics and married life

Earlier today my attention was drawn to a story on the STV website about a man, dressed as a penguin, standing for the council in Edinburgh. This is by some distance the most interesting story of the local election campaign. It is not every day someone stands for election to a council that already operates on a level of self-parody (yes, I mean the trams) pledging

“I will make a pledge to wear the Penguin costume in full council meetings.”

And good for him. At least he hasn’t dressed as a giant panda and made a joke about there being more pandas than MSPs suspended by their parties in Parliament.

However, the intrepid STV reporter who compiled the penguin politics report has inadvertently missed a bigger story.

“…  a 29 year old teacher who lives in Currie. She was keeping a watchful eye on her two children in a local Playpark. She said: “My husband has been going on about the Penguin ever since he put a leaflet through the door.

“I suppose he’s standing on Green issues and they are really important. I might put him as my third choice, but I think my husband will probably vote for him because he’s a penguin.””

When I first saw this part of the story I was shocked. “my husband will probably vote for him because he’s a penguin.

A woman has just told STV that she is married to a penguin and there is not a peep, no sensationalist headline, no exclusive photo.

The study of family law was many years ago for me – but I recall that inter-species marriages were not permitted. How did they get a licence? Did they marry overseas and come back to Scotland? And if so, surely Scots law – as the domiciliary law – should have prohibited any possible inter-special marriage.

I trust that STV explore this issue more fully. What is the view of the Cardinal on inter-special marriage?

I will keep a close eye for developments.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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2 Responses to Penguins and politics and married life

  1. ian lewis says:

    Could it be that the current Edinburgh Council is run by penguins disguised as homo sapiens(5th grade)?

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