BBC Scotland apologise for inadvertently containing news in an evening Rangers bulletin

Following literally complaints BBC Scotland has apologised this evening after inadvertently broadcasting some news in the middle of one of its regular Rangers bulletins late last week.

A spokesman confirmed that at 6.48 pm on Thursday evening an item appeared in the regular half-hourly bulletin that related to something that had happened somewhere in Scotland and had not involved events at or around Ibrox.

“On behalf of the BBC we would like to apologise for this heinous error, which has sadly misjudged the interests of every member of our viewing public. The producer responsible has been disciplined and will never work for the corporation again,” said a BBC spokesman. “At the moment we know that people are tuning in for full updates on all Rangers developments and features involving Chick Young, Jim Traynor, Tom English, Roddy Forsyth, Graham Spiers, or one of the plethora of Scottish sports journalists who have acquired substantial unrivalled expertise in revenue law and the law of insolvency during the past week or so and are very upset when other stories of less importance to people around the office appear in the bulletins. Why, during that 30 second item on a man having been murdered something very important could have been announced by the administrators attempting to reassure those who give a toss that everything is okay. We would be failing as broadcasters if we did not bring live coverage of a man standing in the dark near a place that has something to do with Rangers reading from a piece of paper that we had summarised the contents of moments earlier on the programme.”

The spokesman confirmed that the Rangers bulletin after the Ten O’Clock News and Newsnight Rangers had gone ahead as normal last Thursday without any trace of other stories and reassured viewers that this normal service would continue this week.

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