New England manager asked to resign before appointment

The prospective England manager, Noah Walter Mean Arry, due to be appointed on a wave of popular acclaim as the “only man for the job” following his being cleared of anything dodgy as a result of being too stupid to do anything dodgy, has today been asked to resign by the Football Association.

“Mr Arry has been very professional in his non-work for us, but has disappointingly failed to win any games since not being formally appointed. As a result of this poor record of form Mr Arry has agreed to resign.” a Football Association spokesman said.

Mr Arry, who recently told a court that he wrote like a two year old and had no experience of faxes, e-mails, computers, or these new fangled papery things from Gutenberg, was filmed and photographed by all media outlets walking his dog, Sortcode083210Accountnumber1200102, while looking sad before returning home to film his latest advert promoting a games console.

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