Update – a personal statement in which I resign from wordpress

I’d like to thank wordpress for the privilege of blogging for them over the past few months, primarily about the vexed issue of the pronunciation of the word  “scone”, and for offering me a regular blogging post again after the embarrassing incident with the pigeon. But after nearly six months living on twitter, and plenty of time to reflect, I’ve decided to not take them up on their kind offer.

There are two reasons. I’m willing to take the flak for one or two of my own errors myself (although not all of them obviously – I’m not a damned fool): when you screw up, you should pay a price. But I’m not willing to see other bloggers and tweeters, who played no part in those errors (but were to some extent responsible for the other ones that I don’t talk about and won’t mention again but are clearly based on a desire to ensure that this blog remains the leading scone pronunciation blog in the country, nay the world) and are unimpeachably decent people, take the flak too. It’s not fair on them. That’s why I’ve left it for months to make this decision – leaving them to take the flak in the interim and now things have quietened down a bit I’m hoping to sneak this out. Anyway, wordpress has been great to me and the scone pronouncing community (but not the scone or Scone pronouncing communities obviously), and we need its principles in the scone pronunication arena without distractions.

Secondly, while hanging around on twitter, I’ve started working on a tweet on a subject I believe is important and requires urgent action. I have already contacted Barack Obama and Labour MP Tom Harris about it. To write this tweet properly it needs international travel and the kind of in depth focus that’s not possible when you are throwing together a blog post pilfering chunks of other scone pronunciation articles found elsewhere on the internet at the same time. So, while I’ll be writing occasional blogposts elsewhere, I’ll be mainly tweeting deeply into this one subject for now.

Above all else, I’d like to thank all the readers of this blog. Ever since I started as a casual blogger with no training and shall we say a very personal view of ethics I have learned so much from you. I often learned the most from those that agree with me wholeheartedly – and if you did write, you know that you’re right: it is pronounced scone – and your messages in recent months have hugely moved me. Moved me all the way from wordpress to twitter in fact, to work on this tweet of international significance.

I’ll continue to be a loyal reader and supporter of some stuff on wordpress when I can be bothered. It is undoubtedly one of the world’s blogging sites, and must feel privileged to have had me as part of it for all these years.


About loveandgarbage

I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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4 Responses to Update – a personal statement in which I resign from wordpress

  1. Alan Trench says:

    I think you underplay the extent to which your tweet of international importance requires international travel and lengthy research. I also think you’ve underplayed the extent to which you discovered you need to write this tweet while learning how to use the basics of WordPress properly.

    But maybe I’ve been reading too much Johann Hari lately.

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