BREAKING: Live-blog: Is it windy outside?

19:44 Dark. Wet. Still windy outside. I’m in here. I’m not going out. Seeing a small child lifted off her feet as her dad held her hand and they walked into the wind put me off.

17:12 Dark. Wet. Windy. Our bin blown over. THe lamppost waving its light like an X Files torch.

16:20 Darkening for past 20 minutes. Very very windy. Trampolines to our left and right. Sounds of things falling over outside. Bit windy. mmm.

15:30 Bloody hell. It’s wild out there. The clouds are racing each other in the sky. A bird trying to fly into the wind has just been blown back and so seems to be flying backwards. And next door has a trampoline which is moving ominously. The lamppost looks fragile – like one of Wordsworth’s daffodils.

14:55 Ah, getting worse it is. Very very very windy gusting to very very very very windy. Lamppost now wobbling like a man forced to leave a restaurant after a works Christmas party after the restaurant owner has put the theme tune for the Littlest Hobo on to encourage people to make their ways home.

14:32 Police vehicles the only ones driving about outside. No-one walking around. Trees across the road bent like longbows being drawn at Agincourt. Hard to tell if the worst has taken place or is yet to come. No obvious damage nearby, but the lamppost continues to sway threateningly – like a drunken uncle with someone young enough to be his daughter on a wedding reception dancefloor.

13:50 As the wind blows under the cars sitting in the drives nearby the wind reverberates, groaning like a walrus looking for a mate. It’s either that or the chap at number 73 is up to no good again.

13:44 That was a monetary lull. It is back up to very windy outside.

13:42 The wind has dropped a little (down to quite windy again). It’s eery. Like the calm before a storm. But during a storm.  Lamppost now standing still, proud, its lamp protruding slightly, like a heron poised in the water waiting for a passing fish.

13:31 And for the avoidance of doubt folks. Yes it is windy.

13:25 Update from Malc at Corstorphine “It’s pure mental oot man – even the accent has blown in fae Glesgae”

13:24 Outside momentarily to rescue child’s toy car from tree. Winded by the wind. I’d say we’re up to very very very windy with more to come. Lamppost outside now wobbling like an ageing star off up to collect a lifetime achievement award at a film awards ceremony.

13:13 Popped out for a minute to rescue bin. Very very windy heading to very very very windy.

13:05 Darkened. Wind getting up to very very windy again. Disconcerting to look out of window and see car wobbling about. Lamppost shaking vigorously like a person waggling their hands about before putting them under a poor quality hand dryer in a railway station public toilet.

12:52 I am shocked. Shocked. The Guardian have now launched their live-blog of the wind. The bastards. I’ll sue.

12:50: Quite windy moving up to very windy. Lamppost swithering in the air like a backbench MP pressured by the whips not to vote against the government.

12:17 Recovered children in a military type operation from school as they sat like evacuees in the school hall. We had to sign them out. Was tempted to sign for other smilier children but decided it would not go down well with my spouse.

11:48 Off to pick up children from school. Back down to quite windy. But police warning no travel from 2 pm when it is expected to be up to very very very very very windy.

11:00 Wind fluctuating between quite windy and very windy after the very very windy earlier. We also had a flash of sunlight for a while – as if Charlton Heston had ordered the rain clouds to part.  I am advised by correspondent Malc that it is “pretty windy” in Corstorphine. As that is further east than here I expect it will be up to quite windy and thereafter very windy very soon in the Edinburgh area.

10:26 Very very windy. Wet. Car wobbling outside window. Lamppost swaying like a fishing rod being casually waved before being cast. We’re due to get the worst in 5 hours. Concerned I may run out of verys.

10:21 Now up to very windy. And rainy. Lamppost wobbling like a Strictly contestant trying to do a Latin dance.

10:18 It is now quite windy. so windy I can hear it. Fears that it may become very windy and very very windy within a few hours.

10:06  It is windy outside. So windy the lamppost over the road is gently swaying.

09:15 Back home and I can confirm that it is windy. My hair flew about and everything.

08:45 About to take children to school (which will close at lunchtime) and yes. Yes it is windy.

07:45 Stepping into the void created by the Guardian’s failure to provide a live wind blog I offer my new is it windy outside live-blog service. So, is it windy outside? Yes. yes it is.


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4 Responses to BREAKING: Live-blog: Is it windy outside?

  1. It was very very very very very windy at 08:00 here in G4. Our back court sounded like a sandstorm. The wind was prying its way in around the edges of the windows, making doors slam. I had to bolt the front door to keep it steady. Murphy the rabbit is hiding under the hall table and hasn’t come out for hours, though he appears to be alive (it’s possible he has a stomach ache as he ate some of The Sun yesterday).

    It is now only very very windy outside (at the other side of the house), but that’s still, um, interesting, because today is bulk uplift day so people left lots of broken furniture in the street last night. It’s more broken now. Random table legs and pieces of hardboard are flying across the square, like something out of a China Miéville story.

  2. Aoife says:

    We have very very very windy in Leith, with the interesting addition of horizontal hail. Nice. I would estimate about 3-5 mm diameter hail units.

  3. Not windy at all in Glasgow, this is just typical media hype.

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