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Review of the Year

2011 eh? Bloody hell.

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The second inn-keeper

A Nativity succeeds or fails on its casting at pre-school level. Staging will typically be sparse – a sheet of painted cardboard standing in for a door and symbolising the whole inn, for example. Music is often traditional. And costumes … Continue reading

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Twenty three years

I remember, sometimes. Events that happen days ago blur into events that happen weeks ago. The names of people you’ve met recently, still meet day to day, forever out of reach; a group of children from a class at school, … Continue reading

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Book promotion – the made-up true story of my life as a tabloid hack

Following today’s evidence at the Leveson Inquiry from two noted authors, This Morning’s soap correspondent Sharon Marshall (author of the memoir, Tabloid Girl: A True Story); and talent show buzzer operator Piers Morgan (author of The Insider – diaries that he … Continue reading

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You be the Ed – a question of journalistic ethics

In an inquiry into press ethics and the culture of the press the inquiry has been very careful to protect the privacy of those whose privacy has been invaded through hacking their phone or blagging personal information but where no story … Continue reading

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A carefully considered summation of thoughts on the death of Christopher Hitchens

After much reflection I am prepared to believe in Christopher Hitchens as a historical figure.

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Officially licensed and kitemarked blog

I am delighted to confirm that loveandgarbage is the first British blog to have been awarded the official blog licence kitemark today. This official kitemark confirms that this blog has passed the stringent tests of self-regulation imposed by the independent regulator (namely a guarantee that … Continue reading

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I am proud to follow in the footsteps of Stalin, Nixon and Reagan

It falls to only a few people to be honoured as a multiple winner of Time Magazine’s person of the year award. Scarce are those that receive the recognition of the likes of a Stalin, a Nixon, or a Reagan, but as … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Live-blog: Is it windy outside?

19:44 Dark. Wet. Still windy outside. I’m in here. I’m not going out. Seeing a small child lifted off her feet as her dad held her hand and they walked into the wind put me off. 17:12 Dark. Wet. Windy. … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE: Leveson Inquiry to hear from new witnesses

Two recent immigrants to the UK (referred to as TT and YG) have today submitted statements to the Leveson Inquiry following a complaint about press intrusion into their privacy in the past couple of days. TT and YG have only recently arrived … Continue reading

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Cut out and keep guide to how to be angry on twitter

Recent events have shown that people are becoming increasingly unclear about when they should be outraged about something they see on twitter or some other part of the internet. People say to me, “I saw a tweet about a thing … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Man urgently seeks legal advice about television programme

Like many people I sat down last night to watch the television and was shocked and disgusted by what I saw on BBC1. A show hosted by Tony Knowles’ brother and Ray Bradbury’s daughter was on for literally minutes. Knowles … Continue reading

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