Is there snow outside live-blog

5 December 2011

16:27 It’s dark, the sole illumination from outside the glare of snow. Bloody snow. Everywhere you sodding look snow.

15:23 Is there snow outside? Of course there is. It’s December: what do you expect?

14:34 Yep – there is still snow outside.

12:04 Yeah – snow outside.

10:14 Snow. blah blah blah

09:01 Snow just stopped.

08:15 It’s snowing. SNow. Snow. Lalalala snow.

06:15 Small children proclaiming snow outside. There is. Again. Snow. Whoopdedoo.

4 December 2011

23:00 Forecast snow. None yet, but there is still snow on the grass and lots of frost.

18:18 Yeah, still there.

14:49 blah blah blah snow.

12:48 Back from walk in snow. I can confirm that there is snow.

11:00 off for walk to check to see if there is snow.

07:16 Snow. Bloody snow.

07:13 Children announce there is snow. They are happy. Will check.

3 December 2011

22:04 None. Snow forecast.

09:14 No snow outside.

2 December 2011

22:38 No snow outside.

22:24 Checking Norwegian weather website. We are due snow in the next few days. Guardian snow blog will crank into operation no doubt.

08:20 No snow. Rain though.

1 December 2011

21:35 No snow.

11:14 There is no snow outside.

30 November 2011

23:24 No snow outside.

10:04 There is no snow outside but some people are wishing each other a happy St Andrew’s Day on twitter. What’s that all about? When did people start wishing each other a “happy St Andrew’s Day”? I’ve never had anyone say that to me. Odd.

29 November 2011

09:15 No snow. But wet. Very wet.

07:00 Wet. No snow. None. Nada. Zip.

01:00 No snow. But wind. And rain.

28 November 2011

12.13 No snow. Heavy cloud cover though. The sky a sort of grey colour like dirty water someone has dipped a paintbrush lightly covered in grey poster paint in.

11:08 There is still no snow outside. It is reasonably sunny.

10:08 This time last year the streets around my home were covered with a mysterious substance that prevented access and egress. This substance remained unidentified in our locale until – thankfully – merely a few days later a national newspaper known as The Guardian set up a live-blog about the mysterious thing that was drifting across the nation. My early fears that The Guardian would run its “what is this white powder affecting the nation?” live-blog in an ironic feature piece on celebrities by Marina Hyde in the pre-Leveson Inquiry G2 were alleviated when with due seriousness they called in some chap from the north of England and promoted the live-blog heavily on its front page. Thanks to the sterling reporting efforts from this man in the north of England, who regaled us with tales of Guardian reporters struggling manfully in all parts of the country, while offering regular guidance on transport problems affecting Guardian reporters around the country, I learned that this mysterious substance apparently should be known as “snow” and that literally two or three milimetres of this “snow” had adversely affected Guardian journalists in the London area and stopped any form of transport moving. Of course by that point we had this

Near us last year. Those black blobs are the tops of bollards next to sleeping policemen

And we were rather better placed than folk further north. But never mind.

Anyway, in order to get in quickly before The Guardian runs into overdrive because Alan Rusbridger slips on some ice on a pavement near his home (forcing the setting up of an ice live-blog, and various articles about the weather in the months at the end of the year becoming cold for no discernible reason) I have decided to set up my is there snow outside live-blog early this year.

So, as of now is there snow outside? No. There isn’t. There’s none. But I promise I will regularly update this for my regular reader’s information.


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I watch the telly and read when not doing law stuff and plugging my decade and a half old unwatched Edinburgh fringe show.
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