Storm live-blog

17.44 – yep, still windy

17.06 – No longer raining. still windy. Sufficiently strong to make a bird fly backwards a bit while trying to fly forwards.

16.27 – Trees outside bent double like a simile in a Wilfred Owen poem.

16.25 – I may have spoken too soon. The Guardian has weather pictures up now.

16.23 – Sean updates the position in West Lothian.

“Can confirm it is dark and windy in West Lothian. It’s also wet & the trees have gone all bendy. ”

16.09 – Like many people I am shocked that autumn has autumnal weather. What next? Snow in winter?

16.07 – And now an update from a real live journalist.

“Doing my hurricane weather reporter schtick now. Yes, I can confirm it’s windy and wet outside. The trees are moving. ”

He’s right you know more or less. It’s wet and windy here rather than windy and wet. And the lampposts are moving as well as the trees. And the trampolines.

15.58 – Couple of updates from around the country

From West Lothian

“It’s getting dark as well as stormy”

And from Malc in Moray,

“Update on conditions in Moray: Pretty wet, not too windy. Autumnal, some might say.”

As for here: dark; wet; windy. Astonishing one might think. We never get weather like this. Apart from every year.

15.52 – Guess I should have a look for the middle child. Middle child has not been blown past the window so assume all is well.

15.45 – Very windy. Very wet. And the first sight of a passing trampoline from the back window.

14.50 – very wet. Very windy.  Have sent middle child out to test conditions.

14.40 – Oh. It is.

14.39 – about to check if still wet and windy.

14.28 – Man in long coat struggling against wind. Lampposts swaying vigorously. Still windy. Still wet.

14.22 – More from our man in West Lothian:

“further news just in – it is a bit windier. and wetter.”

14.20 – Very windy. And wet.

14.15 – Am now asking children to pick which drip of water will run down the window first. Still wet. Still windy. Branches on tree along road now being tossed casually as Rebekah Brooks does to her hair when answering select committee questions.

14.10 – Wind has picked up. Branches now swaying rhythmically outside as if aunts dancing at a wedding reception.

14.07 – A car has just braved the wet and windy conditions. It got wet.

14.03 – Correspondent Nick Barlow advises,

“Down here in Essex, it’s pretty windy but also sunny right now. Was out on my bike a while ago, but didn’t get blown over.”

I have just seen a man bending to walk into the wind. And the wet.

14.00 – yep, wet and windy oot the windae

13.58 – BREAKING – Not everywhere is wet and windy. That man offof the radio sometimes, and sometimes of the telly, but mainly in a paper, says,

“This hurricane can come again. Fantastic day in London.”

Nothing in London then? That will explain why the Guardian doesn’t have a storm live-blog. Well sod them.

13.55 – As I look out of my window I can see the same street that was covered in snow late last year now looking wet. And windy.

13.52 – BREAKING: news from correspondent Setindarkness via twitter

” I’m reporting in live from West Lothian and can confirm things are pretty windy here, Love. And Wet”

13. 50 – Still windy. A leaf has  just blown past the window. Bloody autumn.

13.45 – Still windy. Still wet.

13.42 – Slight change. Now wet. And windy.

13.39 – Still windy. And wet.

13.37 – It’s windy.

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